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How does one keep ones Piano dust free?

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Nbg · 21/03/2007 11:23

Because mine is a real PITA!
I dust it and the next day its covered again. Nothing else in my house is dusty but this just attracts it!
Admittedly its highly polished so its easier to see but even so!

Is there some magic stuff I can put on it so it will repel dust forever or am I dreaming?

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Nbg · 21/03/2007 11:59

is it impossible!

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amynnixmum · 21/03/2007 12:05

I think the only thing that helps is shutting the lid after playing it.

Nbg · 21/03/2007 12:15

Thats the bit I mean
Its always put down but it is sooo dusty.

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