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Urgent Help Please!

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Tiggly · 18/03/2007 22:34

Does anyone have any suggestions for removing ink splodges from my white uniform and two t-shirt bra's? A roller-ball pen was left in my uniform and has reeked havoc on my laundry. I have tried vanish in wash tablets, vanish soap and a few dribbles of stain devil that I had left! PLease help!

OP posts:
MrsBadger · 18/03/2007 22:36

there is wonderous stuff called De-Solve-It (from tesco etc with the stain devils) which takes most things out of most things, though it smells strangely of oranges and you have to read the instructions v carefully.

Lazylou · 18/03/2007 22:49

If it's just white, I would just use some bleach. Hope you get it sorted!

fryalot · 18/03/2007 22:50

I've used bleach when dp has done the same thing. It fades the inkblot but I have not so far been able to remove it completely.

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