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How do I clean pale pink canvas shoes covered in mud??

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thechocolatemonster · 18/03/2007 18:43

The question says it all. I bought my daughter new shoes for the summer and she walked through mud the first time she wore them out. I've dried them off and now don't want to risk ruining them. They are pale pink! I could put them through the washing machine - but would prefer to do something by hand.

Any ideas? Many thanks...

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McDreamy · 18/03/2007 18:44

I would put them in the washing machine on a gentle wash

Donbean · 18/03/2007 18:46

put them in a pillow case into the washer but just wet them and rub some vanish into them first....honestly they will look like new.

thechocolatemonster · 21/03/2007 15:58

Thanks for your help Donbean - I did what you said and it worked a treat!

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