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I'm in a quandry. I needed a cleaner.......

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Suchachicken · 13/03/2007 20:29

I put a notice in the local shop and no one answered.
So I contacted a local cleaning company. They came and had a look round the house and we agreed they would come the following week. a really lovely couple with a new business.
However, a local person in the village came to me today and said she would love to help me. We had a nice chat, a look round the house and she said she would be only too pleased to help with the cleaning. We agreed she would do a couple of hours a week and I'm paying her the same as her other jobs.
Half an hour later the professionals rock up at the door with marigolds, buckets, cleaning stuffs and a big vacuum cleaner. I was too chicken to turn them away.
Now I don't know how I am going to tell them that I don't need them anymore as they are a new company starting up.
I'm too chicken to be up front with them.
I'm in such a quandry, help me please.

OP posts:
stitch · 13/03/2007 20:33

perhaps this would have been better in the employment sectioon?

StrangeTown · 13/03/2007 20:35

Were you happy with the work of the cleaning co?

Suchachicken · 13/03/2007 20:45

Maybe I haven't made myself clear.
Basically I have to tell the cleaning company I don't need them anymore.
I don't know if housekeeping or employment is more appropriate for this

OP posts:
fedda · 13/03/2007 23:38

Well, just go for it. Call them and say that you've found someone else and thank you for your job but you already have someone else.

satinshoes · 14/03/2007 09:49

tell them you've found someone else but that is no reflection of their work. if they did a good job tell them you'llput their name about a bit. as a new company they'll expect people to try them out and not alwasy come back

NineUnlikelyTales · 14/03/2007 09:51

I'd be tempted to see how your other lady does first. But then if she is okay, a phone call to the cleaning company telling them you don't need their services any more is fine. You don't owe them an explanation and you're not responsible for the success of their business. Make sure you tell them they did a good job though (if they did).


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