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How do I clean this?

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PrettyCandles · 02/03/2007 16:51

I wore my hat on a bad hair day (to hide the fact that I hadn't washed my hair ) and now it niffs and makes my hair niff even when my hair is squeaky clean.

The outside is wool and some sort of treated cotton (feels vaguely oiled), and the lining is fleece. In between is a waterproof membrane. The care label states that the hat cannot be cleaned by any means.

Any ideas how I can clean the inside?

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PrettyCandles · 02/03/2007 19:26

Any domestic goddesses?

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wurlywurly · 02/03/2007 19:30


totaleclipse · 02/03/2007 19:32

If you have a secure garden, hang it on the line for quite a few hours, just watch for rain.

littlemissbossy · 02/03/2007 19:36

yep I'd try airing it out overnight and then a spray with fabreeze or similar

wurlywurly · 02/03/2007 19:39

is there a tag in it saying whether it can be washed?

PrettyCandles · 03/03/2007 22:25

Sunlight's a good idea. I'm not too sure about Febreeze, I've tried it on hats in the past and ended up with my head smelling of Febreeze!

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colditz · 03/03/2007 22:27

ASpray with febreeze, then air it out.

mumtogusnalbie · 03/03/2007 22:33

how about trying a wet wipe - I clean my felt trilby with them and it comes up a treat.

PrettyCandles · 03/03/2007 23:01

I've done that on straw hats, Colditz, and months later they still smell of Febreeze!

I shall try a wet wipe (it's scarey how good they are at household cleaning jobs - and we put them on our babies' bottoms).

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