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What "breeds" in your house, and what disappears?

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exbury · 28/02/2007 22:58

In ours:

Breeds: socks. DH, DS, and now DD (4mths) seem incapable of keeping them on, and they get shed all over the house.

Disappears: Teaspoons and nail clippers. Loads of them!

OP posts:
tortoise · 28/02/2007 23:00

Not sure of things that breed but things that disappear would be
The other sock in a pair
Nail clippers
and most of all lip balm. Last one found in the washing machine after a 60 deg wash!

colditz · 28/02/2007 23:02


dvds, felt tips with no lids, bits of paper, bits of wire


nail clippers, tweezers, bits of paper with important writing on.

LadyOfTheFlowers · 28/02/2007 23:02

nail clippers
remote controls
most days, one of my slippers (?!)
dhs insulin pen
important paperwork
nappy wraps
feeding bottle lids

we dont seem to breed anything, except odd socks that i never find a partner for

simplycontrolfreaky · 28/02/2007 23:03

breeds: rubbish / shoot out cards/ lego / half eaten packets of oatcakes

disappears: nail clippers / sellotape/ pencil sharpeners / library books / importsnt bits of paper / teaspoons

exbury · 28/02/2007 23:04

feeding bottle lids - me too - how does that happen?

OP posts:
mollymawk · 28/02/2007 23:05

Agree with tortoise re single socks. I wondered to myself the other day - "How is it possible to have TWENTY NINE odd socks? I only have two children..."

Saggarmakersbottomknocker · 28/02/2007 23:08

Disappears - toilet roll. Just how much do they use??

Carrier bags breed - I recycle but never run out!

Califrau · 28/02/2007 23:08

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

fireflyfairy2 · 28/02/2007 23:10

My ironing breeds!! Multiplies all over the bloody place!!

Disappears: hair brushes, hair bobbles, drying clothes, my knickers!! [as in I can never find any!] The car keys, just as I am ready to go! The opened pack of babywipes!

LadyOfTheFlowers · 28/02/2007 23:11

frau, phone chargers is a 'dissapearer' inour house.
i had to buy a new mobile a few months ago as i couldnt get a charger alone.

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