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Wee on mattress - how do i clean it?

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satinshoes · 27/02/2007 12:08

Help - DD is ill and just wet the bed. I've stripped the sheets off and realised the pvc side was underneath .

So how do i best clean a mattress? Please dont say bicarb of soda as i dont have any.

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satinshoes · 27/02/2007 13:24


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sunnywong · 27/02/2007 13:26

solution of vinegar, white preferably
and then dry it with a hairdryer

yaddayah · 27/02/2007 13:45

If you use a solution of vinegar can i recommend you add a few drops of essential oil ( i use lavender or tea tree) as the vinegar smell will linger for ages !!

i've used warm soapy water,then a vinegar rinse try and air it for a bit then the hairdryer..a squirt of frebreze might help as well

( i am a bit of a belt and braces type !)

satinshoes · 27/02/2007 14:10

ok, have used washing powder and water and dried with a hairdryer. couldnt find any vinegar. will see what its like after

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