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tumble dryer recommendations please

18 replies

TLV · 18/02/2007 17:07

only have 300squid to spend tho

OP posts:
LIZS · 18/02/2007 17:08

White Knight vented - under £100 in Tesco !

LIZS · 18/02/2007 17:11

selection here

Flower3554 · 18/02/2007 17:12

Don't get an Indesit condenser. They are the noisiest things in the world. We have to close the kitchen door then the sitting room one and we can still hear the damn thing. Hate it

TwoToTango · 18/02/2007 17:22

White Knight vented here as well - with reverse tumble

Bubbaloo · 21/02/2007 13:46

TwoToTango-What's the benefit of a reverse tumble?.

TwoToTango · 21/02/2007 17:14

Bubbaloo - apparently the drum rotates the clothes both ways which means less creases. When I asked for recommendations on here for tumble dryers (only had mine 6 months) the general consensus seemed to be White Knight, vented, reverse tumble. I have been very pleased with mine, I have been suprised and the amount of things that come out not needing to be ironed (major bonus!!). Get some of the tumble dryer balls as well - reduces drying time and I think it leaves clothes a bit stofter and even less creased. HTH

TwoToTango · 21/02/2007 17:18

Good thread here

Bubbaloo · 21/02/2007 17:58

Excellent-thanks for the link.Just need to work out whether to get a vented one or a condenser one now,as I'm not really sure-it's going in the garage.

fizzylemonade · 24/02/2007 10:11

Get a condensor -white knight usually comes with a drain kit too so you can by-pass emptying that damn bottle.

I spent a wee bit more money than you just before Christmas and bought AEG sensor condensor -so it stops when the clothes are dry .

Bought those dryer ball things too -makes it very noisy but I have a utility room so I just shut the door to it.

The AEG sings when it is finished (as no set time being a sensor one) and then it continues to rotate the drum for up to 30 mins to reduce creasing, giving you time to empty it. It is the bees knees, easy to clean filter and a LIGHT, my God, I was mortified when I realised that a light in the dryer was like finding the holy grail!!! My life is too dull

Bubbaloo · 24/02/2007 11:32

Have just ordered a White Knight condensor one,being delivered on Thursday.

totaleclipse · 24/02/2007 11:35

I have a white Knight too, had it for 3 years now, and still going strong, and believe me it gets a lot of use

totaleclipse · 24/02/2007 11:37

While we are on the subject, anyone know where I can get a replacement filter for it, dts decided to rip mine, and AM i DAMAGING THE TUMBLE DRYER MUCH USING A RIPED ONE?

totaleclipse · 24/02/2007 11:37

Opps did'nt mean to shout.

Bubbaloo · 25/02/2007 18:01

Glad to hear yours is still going strong,but wouldn't know anything about filters.

Btw...I was going to put our new machine in the garage but now I'm not so keen as it is a bit damp in there,so wondered whether a condensor dryer would steam up the room(if we put it indoors)like a vented one does.

Does anyone know,please?

LIZS · 25/02/2007 18:05

condensor shouldn't steam up the room as long as you either plumb it in or remember to empty the water tray regularly , sometimes several times a cycle, and the space is not too confined, preferably ventilated.

Bubbaloo · 25/02/2007 18:11

LIZS-Thanks very much.Didn't even occur to me that it might need plumbing in.Hopefully I'll just empty the tray and it'll be fine.Makes sense to stick it next to the washing machine,rather than havig to take the washing out to the garage,which is at the END of the garden.

exrebel · 25/02/2007 18:21

The current issue of Which? has done tumble dryers survey. My vented white knight died yesterday after 4 years and I have just purchased John Lewis own condenser model for £349.00. You get 2 free years guarantee instead fo the usual 1 year. It was one of the ten best buys.

White Knight models were not amongst these. The site is currently experiencing problems and I am unable to check how well white knight models did.

I have never had a condenser before, but can't have a vented anymore as cannot longer place it near windows and the vented one steamed up the room even with the condenser kit.

exrebel · 25/02/2007 18:36

totaleclipse, I had found this in the past but did not use it and went on ebay. for , there are independent spare parts traders there. I used it to buy the condensor kit.

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