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Mouldy bits in the playhouse?

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housemum · 14/02/2007 13:57

Has anyone had this problem before? We bought a new wooden playhouse last year, and have just ventured out into it for the first time since the autumn - on the "ceiling" inside there are patches of greyish furry mould (looks a bit like the stuff you get on bread?)

We never had this problem with our old playhouse, the only difference between this one and the other is that we painted this one inside as well as outside (using garden paint)

Any ideas welcome re removing and preventing!!

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BettySpaghetti · 14/02/2007 13:58

Is the roof watertight?

Does it have roofing felt on? If so there might be water getting through a join in the felt which is whats happened to ours this winter.

housemum · 14/02/2007 14:03

I will have to investigate - it's been raining though and I can't see anything damp in there (though maybe it's just soaking into the roof) A job for DH I think

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