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The smell of cigarette smoke drfting from next door. How can I get rid of it?

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NbgsYellowFeathers · 11/02/2007 19:46

Admittedly we are attached to a pub but I've never smelt it before.
It seems to be coming through the walls in our hallway.
Is there anything I can do to stop it or get rid of it?

I'm very tempted to have a word with the landlords but I dont know exactly what they can do.

Any suggestions?

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funkimummy · 11/02/2007 19:57

Is it coming through the walls or your doors/windows? We had same problems with a next door neighbour smoking outside the door to our flat when we lived there. Had a polite word and it stopped.

At least smoking in pubs will only be happening for a few months longer, and then finnito!

HeartOnMyGreensleeve · 11/02/2007 19:58

Coming through the walls?

I'd call Ghostbusters if I were you

airy · 11/02/2007 19:59

It might be worse when they ban it though, because then you'll have everyone coming outside the pub to smoke and if you're next door I can't imagine that will be a lot of fun!

Sorry that was not in the least bit helpful was it

ImaWurzel · 11/02/2007 20:00

No advice sorry but we have that happening here. It's coming from the built in wardrobe we have that is on the joining wall to next door. she smokes like a trooper. house is really stinky. it's not all the time we smell it jusr every now and then, not nice though.

NbgsYellowFeathers · 14/02/2007 08:47

Imawurzel, we have a built in cupboard in the hallway and it seems to be worse in there.

It was definatley coming through the connecting wall in the hallway. Its never been this bad as I could smell it in our living room.

When does the smoke ban start? I had totally forgot about it.

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