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Need help with maintenance around the house - any suggestions?

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Earlybird · 09/02/2007 20:28

I'm pretty good around the house with a screwdriver/hammer, etc. , but the list of things that need doing (that I can't handle) is growing every week. I probably need a handyman to do the work/repairs I can't manage, and shouldn't attempt!

Where would I go about finding such a person? Obviously, I want someone trustworthy. Any personal recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Finally, what sort of rate could I expect to pay? I'm in central London. Thank you!

OP posts:
Coolmama · 10/02/2007 15:30

Hi Earlybird - I seem to remember you are not too far from me in London so try these people handyman

Earlybird · 11/02/2007 10:41

Thanks for that Coolmama. And yes, I believe we are in the same general area, so it's good to have this suggestion.

Have you used the company before?

OP posts:
Coolmama · 11/02/2007 17:34

No, but a friend of mine said they were very good.

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