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how do you get biro off a leather sofa?

12 replies

bubblepop · 08/02/2007 12:36

anyone! my little monster has displayed her artwork all over the cushion.

OP posts:
DizzyBint · 08/02/2007 12:38

spray hairspray on it and rub it off. saw it on how clean is your house and though ooh i must remember that for when dd starts drawing on the sofas.

2nervesleft · 08/02/2007 12:39

I remember a recent thread on this suggested hairspray. If you do a search on good housekeeping you should be able to find it. i can't do links sorry.

Budababe · 08/02/2007 12:44


Dophus · 08/02/2007 12:48

Just colour the rest of the sofa in...

taylormama · 08/02/2007 12:49

paul mitchell freeze and shine spray - did the trick on our cream leather sofa - don't know if regular hairspray will do the trick - i used DH's v v v expensive stuff

SparklyGothKat · 08/02/2007 12:49

hairspray, but do a test patch as it can take the colour out of darker leather

Sparkler1 · 08/02/2007 12:50

pmsl dolphus
I've heard hairspray works too.

SparklyGothKat · 08/02/2007 12:52

any hairspray will work as long as it contains alchol

AllieBongo · 08/02/2007 12:53

only works on patented leather, not v soft analine stuff

yaddayah · 08/02/2007 14:18

oil of olay (the pink cheap one) rub a tiny bit on every night for about 10 days .. makes you wonder what it does to your skin (dissolve wrinkles ???) My ds scribbled on the arm of our leather sofa (dark brown unsealed)and it worked a treat The nice lady at DFS also said that theramed toothpaste also works (not sure if they still sell it though > this was last year


hoolagirl · 08/02/2007 15:44

i'll probably get boo'ed off!
I used non acetone nail polish remover (the one you use on acrylic nails).
Didn't damage the leather at all and came off a treat.

mummylin2495 · 08/02/2007 15:59

wd 40 apparently cleans leather so maybe that will work , this tip is out of the readers digest book where they have all sorts of remarkable little tips

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