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pippah · 08/02/2007 08:33

Not that I'm necessarily going to do it but...Kelly

OP posts:
taylormama · 08/02/2007 08:36

morning! I have been away on business for 3 days and the house is ok (amazingly). DH has kept things ticking over. Not sure if i am going to get much housework done today as very busy with work but i do have:
water plants
wipe bathroom and kitchen as my bare minimum tasks today!

JustIvor · 08/02/2007 08:49

Morning! I'm at home today and so are the children.

List for today:-
~ Tidy kitchen
~ Shower and dress
~ Do some ironing
~ Sort clothes for going away on the w/e
~ Keep a north eye on ds and dd who are playing in the snow outside
~ Supply hot choc and food on a regular basis!
~ Thank you notes.
~ Cotswold thing.
~ Hawkshead thing.

~ Loaded d/w
~ Loaded w/m
~ Ironed dh a work shirt (then he put on a different shirt and a jumper!)
~ Ironed dd's top that we dyed green and washed last night. She didn't need it of course because school is cancelled for today.

ludaloo · 08/02/2007 08:54

Morning ladies

Well considering I didn't want snow....we have had a load! and its still bucketing down!
The kids don't have school, there is no chance of dh getting his car out to go to work.
I take it it is snowing heavy in town Ivor???

Well a day of wet people in and out I suspect....BBBRRRRRRRRRRR!

I had better go finish breakfast, I have decided to cook a full warm these little tummies up! (and keep dh going long enough to build a smowman!

glitterfairy · 08/02/2007 09:28

NO snow here in the frozen north yet but I suspect we will have it later.

Well I am reviewing my list from yesterday which I did complete but am adding:

Tidy and hoover bedroom
Hoover downstairs
Order carpet cleaner machine as Ds has spilt yoghurt on it (any top tips welcome)
Finish articles and write one more
Swim for one hour
Start on mail and sorting and filing

THink that is enough then!

Cappuccino · 08/02/2007 09:31

you know if I did Kelly's mission every month I would have a completely junked kitchen with shiny taps and an over-organised tupperware cupboard

the woman is obsessed

I am working today but:

washing done and hung done
yesterday's wash put away done
clean oven (since we're in the kitchen)
mop kitchen floor
check over household finances

shouldbedoingthehousework · 08/02/2007 09:36

LOADS of snow here and it's still coming v heavily!

The schools are closed
ds and I are just home from an hours walk in the fields - we took the sledge but chickened out at the last minute! Poor ds had ice on his eyelashes!
dd was a total wimp and came home with dh after only a few minutes.
dh is still threatening to go to work, despite being able to see cars stuck on the roads near us

There are wet clothes and boots all over the hallway! Can't see myself bothering to FLY much today but am sure there'll be tummies to keep warm and wet clothes to dry etc.

Have fun everyone

JustIvor · 08/02/2007 09:40

Just a quickie.

I don't know what town is like really ludaloo but dh has gone to work and must have made it in okay. I imagine it is pretty tricky out where you are.

My cup of tea is nearly finished so I think I'd best crack on!

satinshoes · 08/02/2007 10:44

Morning all.

well done paranoidandroid

i have just cleaned the oven!!! How good am I? got to be my most hated job.

We missed swimming this morning because of the snow but DH helped DH build a 5 ft snowman in the garden so she is v happy.

DD2 seems ok after her jabs yesterday. We had about 30 mins of crying which calpol seemed to cure but she has slept ok and seems content

DH working from home today although he hasnt quite started yet. lol. Means my house is a tip already

have a good day everyone

ludaloo · 08/02/2007 10:49

Well kids are entertained by daddy

I'm now momentarily stuck on the internet!

I thought you might like to watch this...its very funny!

Chubb Chubbs

DimpledThighs · 08/02/2007 11:22

hi all

school closed so dc's at home.

have just got back from the park and thawing out in front of the telly. I don't think I will get much done today but will swish and swipe downstiars and do a load of washing.


DimpledThighs · 08/02/2007 11:23

does anyone use a cleaner taht stops limescale build up? I have noticed a little round the kitchen taps and in the bathroom???


vwvic · 08/02/2007 11:37

Morning (what's left of it) everyone. We're up north, and haven't got any proper snow yet either. Obly tiny little microscopic bits! I am hopeful though

Not having a particulaly good morning. Despite wearing a hat and scarf indoors, my handsa re so cold I can hardly type- I guesws it explains the typos! I also stayed up late last night trying to upload the website for my new business, si I'm knackered. Hence, my list is pretty much bare minimum:

-find best price on engine part
-unload washhing machine
-unload and reload dishwasher
-bring in some more wood
-make a fire when I sit down for lunch
-15 min blitz (sp?) of living room
-dust living room
-sweep livign room and kitchen
-declutter bedroom

I'm off to do some of them- it might keep me warm!

Jelley · 08/02/2007 11:42

We have lots of snow, and no school
dimpledthighs -cilit bang gets rid of everything, but I've no idea what toxic chemicals are in itand only use it when things are bad. At the other extreme, white vinegar on cotton wool left to soak does work.

I'm on my second load of washing
Kitchen is clean
snowman is made
hoovering is done

Don't think I'll get much more done, so I'm not doing a list today.

laloop · 08/02/2007 13:16

Hi everyone
No snow here as yet but it is very, very cold.
Have been out all morning so no FLYing done as yet. Will check in with a list later as off to start school run. Enjoy the snow!!!

ludaloo · 08/02/2007 13:21

I haven't done much FLYing...I never seem to when dh is home

I've made chocolate fairy cakes, and tidied round the kitchen.

Kids and dh are back out in the snow....they have made a snowman, and made lots of snow angels!
i went out briefly but dd2 screamed...she hates it!!! She won't walk in it..or touch it...and dh threw a snowball at the window as we were looking out and she freaked!!!

I have the perfect excuse to stay in the warm

vwvic · 08/02/2007 13:30

Wa hay- lunch time! Here's what I've done:

-find best price on engine part
-unload washhing machine
-unload and reload dishwasher done
-bring in some more wood done
-make a fire when I sit down for lunch done
-15 min blitz (sp?) of living room
-dust living room
-sweep livign room and kitchen
-declutter bedroom done

I've also managed to hoover my bedroom, so I've not done too badly. I'll try to get the other stuff done after lunch- I might watch Neighbours as I tidy the living room.

I'm still waiting for snow...

tortoise · 08/02/2007 15:28

Hi all.
Not even a flake of snow here. So much for snow coming here! I was so looking forward to waking to see snow and DD's were disapointed too.

Oh well! DD1 had pre-school this morning and I tidied up with DD2.
Had SS meeting at school this afternoon then had SW come round with new contact superviser for DD's at their Dads. Other one is still off ill.
They are having 2 hours contact tomorrow 9-11.

I hope all those with snow are enjoying it.[envey]

RubyRioja · 08/02/2007 15:46

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

snowisgone · 08/02/2007 16:22

hi everyone ludaloo chubbs chubbs so funny

should change my name to snowishereagain. walked through woods to dr in snow no antibiotics needed good in a way but what a night last night no sleep!!

anyway, myhouse is a tip
apart from upstairs not too bad
2 snowmen built
havent been flying in ages.

enjoying snow and glad never attempted journey to school and glad it came on day i don't work .

admiration for all the lists of work done to day.

snowisgone · 08/02/2007 17:06

have i said something to offend anyone? or am i just a thread killer !?!

snowisgone · 08/02/2007 17:06

have i said something to offend anyone? or am i just a thread killer !?!

tortoise · 08/02/2007 17:09

Hi snowisgone! I was busy doing cakes with DD's!
Sounds like you have had a nice day in the snow. Sorry you had a bad night but good no antibiotics needed.

Jelley · 08/02/2007 17:11

I'm only posting to let snowisgone that it's nothing personal.

I've made teddy bears with the dds today.

No FLYing. Will try and do more if they are back at school tomorrow, then it is 1/2 term next week.

snowisgone · 08/02/2007 17:23

oh i am sorry paranoid head on

shouldbedoingthehousework · 08/02/2007 17:35


I haven't done anything much today by way of FLYing! Have only just put a load of washing in and that's only cos ds spilt a drink on the living room rug so that had to go in!
Have built a great snowman and been sledging though.

Sorry no snow for you tort - we've had a least 6inches here and it hasn't started to melt at all Just hope school is off again tomorrow!

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