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Make my 'lino' SHINE and get rid of nail polish

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dreamteamgirl · 05/02/2007 22:36

I have this kind of 'lino' stuff, that looks like wood, but is lino. (classy stuff, but what can I do, its Housing Association and cant change owt till after May as it is brand new)

2 problems,
1 ExP stayed at weekend to look after DS and broke nail polish from fridge. It is on lino and cabinet doors. Is it safe to use nail polish remover on these?

  1. Is there a fab product which will make my lino shine like it does when it is wet without making it slippy?

Thanks MNers
OP posts:
SparklyGothKat · 05/02/2007 22:53

Just lay wooden lamiate flooring over it. I have a new build and they put tiles in the living room so we put flooring over the top of it...

dreamteamgirl · 06/02/2007 15:58

Thanks GothKat

Not an option tho I am afraid.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can use to get the nail polish off? The bright pink strips on floor and cupboards , isnt really working for me!!

OP posts:
SparklyGothKat · 06/02/2007 16:25

I would just try a small patch with nail polish remover. If its ok then just do it. I have used nail polish remover on flooring before.

dreamteamgirl · 08/02/2007 20:43

Thanks GothKath, I will give it a try!!

OP posts:
morningpaper · 08/02/2007 20:49

dreamteamgirl there ARE products to make it shine - I use some on my laminate

You need a specialist floor place - ask your school's caretaker, they use that sort of thing all the time, and he should know where to buy it (that was what I did!)

morningpaper · 08/02/2007 20:49

I don't mean laminate, I mean LINO!

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