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Storage solutions for Sylvanian Families

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Sonnet · 05/02/2007 12:05

Help....DD2 has an ever growing collector of Sylvanian Families. Has anyone please got ideas of how to store it all - all those little tiny pieces - before I go raving mad!!

OP posts:
itsmeNDP · 05/02/2007 12:07

I've got a plastic 3 drawer unit on castors for all DD's SF bits. One drawer has SF bits, the other has Barbie clothes and shoes etc in it. The drawers aren't exactly gorgeous but it makes no odds to us as they are in a big walk in cupboard in her room.

Sonnet · 05/02/2007 12:32

It sounds similar to what I have been looking for NDP - but needs to look OK as it will be out on show - ideally pink and cheap!! - any ideas???

OP posts:
Bumblelion · 05/02/2007 12:50

My eldest DD (now 14) was mad on these. Bought her a wheely suitcase from Disney Store and she has everything stored in there. She won't let her little sister (5) play with her Sylvanians although they are now not used and stored in a cupboard in her bedroom. Her excuse is that they cost a lot of money and her sister doesn't appreciate they are fragile. It took a lot of time to build up her collection.

Within the wheely suitcase we bought some plastic storage boxes (small rectangular with a lid) that she used to store all the separate items in (kitchen, bedroom, etc).

itsmeNDP · 05/02/2007 12:51

Next have wheely drawers, sorrel.

Sonnet · 05/02/2007 12:52

thanks Bumblelion - A large crate with smaller boxes inside maybe the way to go - I am immersed in Ikea storage at the moment on the web but got diverted by sofa beds! - that will not solve the sylvanian family problem!!!

OP posts:
Sonnet · 05/02/2007 12:53

ohh - just going on to next thanks NDP

OP posts:
itsmeNDP · 05/02/2007 12:54

Next website apears to be down atm.

Sonnet · 06/02/2007 11:24

Thanks all - have purchased a set of pink boxes on wheels from next for sylvanian families
A set of pink and lilac plastic boxes with lids (6) form homebase for dolls clothes etc
and a n mdf bookcase which I am oging to paint lilac for the overflowing books!!

Just need the time ot "organinise" it all now!!

OP posts:
stleger · 06/02/2007 11:27

My tiny pieces ar stored mostly in my hoover bag! They are TINY aren't they!

Pennies · 06/02/2007 20:15

The bin? Oh how I wish I could......

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