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where can i get a white rubber-backed bath mat?

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satinshoes · 04/02/2007 13:51

All i can find are reversible ones (ie NOT non-slip) or coloured ones. Any ideas?

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hunkermunker · 04/02/2007 13:52


pennypincher · 04/02/2007 13:52

B and Q does one but we didn't find it all that good - think because our bath is narrow.

tortoise · 04/02/2007 13:55

Any good?

JackieNo · 04/02/2007 14:04

Do you mean for outside the bath, like this sort of thing?

satinshoes · 04/02/2007 14:04

ah sorry, i meant a fluffy bath mat for outside the bath but with rubber on the bottom. so i can step out of the bath without breaking my neck

Tried argos, wilkos and rosebys and they all seem to be chenille type things that are washable (great) but i already have one and my new vinyl floor is slippier than i thought.

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satinshoes · 04/02/2007 14:05

ah, yes jackieno. hadnt thought of M&S. Yes, that type of thing. Anyone know of any a bit cheaper? All money went on floor

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eldestgirl · 04/02/2007 14:10

IKEA do them I think. I have them in blue.

hunkermunker · 04/02/2007 14:13


milge · 04/02/2007 18:31

Just bought two today from Ikea - 99p!

NotAnOtter · 04/02/2007 18:34

ikea did not have white this time when i went - i got one in habitat

satinshoes · 04/02/2007 18:44

unfortunately i dont live near an ikea

OP posts:
milge · 04/02/2007 18:47

would you like me to send you one?

satinshoes · 04/02/2007 18:49

oh wow. would you mind?

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NannyL · 04/02/2007 18:51

asda do them

so does our local pound shop / mr cheep

Spidermama · 04/02/2007 18:52

Ikea do them, yes. They're great. Nice thick cotton pile and good rubber base.

satinshoes · 04/02/2007 20:10

milge - i have just set up satinshoes at handbag dot com if you could email me

OP posts:
milge · 04/02/2007 20:24

will do

sammac · 04/02/2007 20:31

John Lewis got them too

satinshoes · 17/02/2007 09:52

Milge is a star! Bath mat arrived today

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