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Childrens Plastic Tumblers/Cups

16 replies

ludaloo · 31/01/2007 17:36

Does anyone know where I can find some?? I've been to Boots and Woolies joy...I've also looked online in Mothercare and Ebay...not really what I'm looking for...Ikea do a six pack but our nearest Ikea is about 2 hours no good. Anyone know anywhere online maybe??

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ludaloo · 31/01/2007 17:42


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Scootergirl · 31/01/2007 17:43

Try picnicware at garden centres

wheelybug · 31/01/2007 17:44

I bought some from a seller on ebay - brand new ikea six pack. Let me see if I can find them again....

wheelybug · 31/01/2007 17:47


Don't know how the price compares to in the shop though...

wheelybug · 31/01/2007 17:50

ok so they're 99p in the shop... might be worth trying to persuade a MNer who lives nearby to get you some.

ludaloo · 31/01/2007 18:09

Thank you! I will probably go for the ikea ones from ebay...I just wanted them a bit bigger....
I think they will probably do the trick though.

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satinshoes · 31/01/2007 18:10

hi luda. try woolworths

Gingerbear · 31/01/2007 18:17

Tesco or Asda - look for picnic stuff

tortoise · 31/01/2007 18:18

Have you got Matalan? They might have some.

ludaloo · 31/01/2007 18:21


Um I tried woolies luck, they aren't restocking the picnic range until spring...

Tort...We have a brand new Matalan...I just haven't been in it yet! I'll try there...thanks

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Biglips · 31/01/2007 18:27

i got mine from Asda and its so colourful too and shatterproof too!!

ludaloo · 31/01/2007 18:28

we don't have an Asda

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Biglips · 31/01/2007 18:30

well i got my other ones from Wilkinsons if u have one as most supermarkets have them anyway x

ludaloo · 31/01/2007 18:37

lol! don't have a wilko's either...
We do have a morrisons...but last time I looked they only had the lidded ones with bendy straws....but I'll keep checking.


OP posts:
Biglips · 31/01/2007 19:02

the best bet is ebay or ikea as they guarantee they have it in

Biglips · 31/01/2007 19:03

and Boots sells them too....just have to keep ya eyes PEELS open at all times!!!

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