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ChaCha · 31/01/2007 13:48

Just been browsing through some of the posts on the thread about AT's Perfect Houswife and noticed that she has a book coming out in March. I found myself (as you do) looking at some books on Amazon and came across:

10-minute Organizing: 400 Fabulous Tips to Organize Every Room of Your House - In Spite of Your Family! (Paperback)

10-minute Housekeeping: Hundreds of Easy Tips to Clean and Straighten Every Room of Your House - Even When You Don't Have Time (Paperback)

Anyone recommend these books? I am nesting to the max today - doesn't help that at last I can feel the sun shine and hang my washing out, smell fresh air and get rid of some of these blasted germs...what a gorgeous day!!!
Next i'll be on the FLY thread....

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