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Carpets: Clever mners needed to give advice on getting the folowing out of my NEW carpets.

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PanicPants · 28/01/2007 20:06



that bright yellow antibiotic medicine!

Can anyone tell me how to get them out of a cream carpet without making them worse?


OP posts:
AllieBongo · 28/01/2007 20:06

i wouldn't touch them. did you get them scotchguarded when you purchased?

WideWebWitch · 28/01/2007 20:06

No idea but try

WideWebWitch · 28/01/2007 20:07

god, you have CREAM carpets? Are you mad?

AllieBongo · 28/01/2007 20:08

if they are protected, then you may have a warranty and they could send someone out to spot clean the area. If not, it will cost about £30-£50 i'm afraid

PanicPants · 28/01/2007 20:21

Fab link WWW, no didn't get them protected - I threw caution to the wind , and yes cream carpet upstairs in our room. Ds got hold of my mascara and 'drew' on the floor .

The medicine is still flurescent now, even when dried in

OP posts:
AllieBongo · 28/01/2007 22:15

what a nightmare for you good luck and let us know how you got it out !

Furball · 28/01/2007 22:24

I mix dreft (woollen wasing powder) in a squirty bottle with water, mix and foam up with finger. Massage it in rather than rub and it should come out. leave to dry and hoover tomorrow.

The carpet cleaner man told me about it and it's got alsorts out over the years.

Beauregard · 28/01/2007 22:29

Hire a carpet cleaner it should come out.
We have cream carpets in our room and i spilt coffee all over it once and the cleaner got that out.

PanicPants · 29/01/2007 21:17

Ooh some good ideas, I will try them (very carefully)

OP posts:
abusybee · 01/02/2007 20:43

I got lipstick out of ours with some really cheap eye make up remover I had hanging around - perfect job.

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