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JustIvor · 27/01/2007 09:01


I don't know if this is right. If it isn't, could someone put idiot proof instructions for me so that I can do it right next time, please?

OP posts:
JustIvor · 27/01/2007 09:48

Hi to all.

Today's list:-
~ Need to finishing polishing all my shoes/boots
~ Need to finish tidying the kitchen
~ Washing 1 load done
~ D/w emptied
~ Ironing
~ Go to town with dd
~ Remind dd to locate overdue library book
~ Thank you notes
~ Hawkshead thing
~ Cotswold thing
~ Walk the dog

I think dd and I might have lunch out today as a treat. If I work hard this morning I'll have earnt it!

OP posts:
satinshoes · 27/01/2007 12:22

Morning all.

Just been into town and bought several birthday presents, some new lamps for bedroom and a kitchen grilling machine - which also makes WAFFLES! very excited.

Done some painting with DD1 and now waiting for DD2 to wake up.

Ivor - link is fine. no missions at weekend anyway as we are all 6meant6 to have fun . On weekdays the page you need to link to is delibertaly not linkes so you can see the url.

have a good day all

JustIvor · 27/01/2007 13:07

Aha, thanks satin for the instructions and also for posting. I was getting rather lonely!

I won't do an updated list as I've done other things rather than what is on the list!

OP posts:
satinshoes · 27/01/2007 13:29

hi ivor,

just sent dh off to bottle bank as we're overflowing with glass.

have assembled my new lamps and grill so need to put them away.

now.....go and do your cotswold job

JustIvor · 27/01/2007 13:47

Ah, satin, bit of a problem there. Am sitting here eating rice pudding as my lunch pudding. Then the kettle has just boiled so I'll be having a cup of tea. W/m just finishing so will peg that out. Dd needs help with homework which she's planning atm and then I'll walk her to the bus stop and the dog and I will continue on a walk through the woods and stuff. So....the Cotswold thing (which involves finding a box in the tip which is my bedroom) is going to wait for another couple of hours at least, I reckon!

OP posts:
satinshoes · 27/01/2007 14:06

lol ivor

just sending dh to the tip now. very hard work this delegation !

JustIvor · 27/01/2007 16:19

satin. I did try earlier to find the Cotswold item. I've ascertained that it isn't in my dressing table and I tidied up one of the drawers, so that's something! I have made a bit of a mess, though! Now I've walked the dog (one more thing off the list!) I think I'll carry the portable tv upstairs and try to tidy up the bedroom.

Btw, don't delegate getting rid of empty bottles to dh. It's far too enjoyable a job. I love to "post" them through the holes in the recycling banks. I'll do it for you!

OP posts:
grouchyoscar · 27/01/2007 16:51

Evening All

Been a busy day. DS invaded our bedroom at 6:30 and I've just sat down. DH played 5 a side footy today and his team won so he's a happy camper.

Satin it must be bargain day today. I got a 100% wool rug (6'6 x 4'6) for the front room for 55 quid in a closing down sale. Should have been 125 full price. It looks fab and I'm really chuffed with it. (have a US keyboard and can't do pound signs)

Ok today's done list

Up and showered
DS showered
S&S bathroom (DS S&S Loo bless him)
Clean kitchen
Clean hob
Load and run DW
Load WM
Do DS brekkie
Vac kitchen
Clean out fire
Vac front room
Tidy away DS brekky
Empty DW and put away
Check bags are packed (my handbag and DS change bag)
DS and DH to Saturday Dads group. Me to carpet shop
Organise for FIL to pick me up with rug
Take rug home
Take bottles to bottle bank
Return to Dad's group
Play with DS
Do washing up and wiping round
Take DS to Tesco
Do shopping
Home (SIL was waiting so it was good to have help with shopping and DS)
Have coffee and chat while DS and his cousin play out
Play out with DS
Put shopping away
S&S kitchen worktops
Mop floors downstairs (eeewh, was that on my floors?)
Lay new rug
DH home sweaty and smelly. Put his kit in WM
Bring down laundry and load in WM
Run WM
Empty DW
Put away
Put DS in bath with DH. Find bathrobes for both.

I've stopped and have defaulted to PJs now. Enjoying running bare feet along new rug. DH says he'll do the evening meals so yay! me time.


To do
Sort out DS's toy storage.

Hope you are all happy and healthy and had a great day.

grouchyoscar · 27/01/2007 16:55

Hey Ivor crossed posts there.

It was the 1st time I've done the bottle bank and it was so fab, really cathartic smashing bottles!

Our council are introducing a glass collection service so that task will be gone soon...ho hum

taylormama · 27/01/2007 17:27

v v v v behind on flying as DS has been poorly ... anyway have managed to sort recycling, empty bins, strip spare bed and do 3 loads of washing.
Dishwasher needs to be unloaded but we are having take out for dinner so no clearing up - yay!
Hope everyone is well and having a good weekend ...

tortoise · 27/01/2007 17:27

Hi all.
Well,DS's have gone back to their dads so loads of mess to now tidy! the 4 of them make sooo much mess!

Tea to do for DD's. DD2 isn't 100%.Cough and cold. She looks really tired poor thing.

I love smashing the glass bottles.Don't get many here though. Mainly plastics to take to plastics bank. Have a huge pile of them to do but they are not easy to carry while pushing the buggy!! I know i should take a bit each week/day to clear them!

JustIvor · 27/01/2007 18:11

grouchyoscar You have my continued admiration. Blooming heck, there's no stopping you! Glad you've got a new rug that you're happy with. Don't let the hoover wreck the little bits hanging off the sides like I did, will you? I think my rug has seen better days and will be got rid of when we redecorate the living room. That is going to be a huge job.

taylormama I hope your ds is feeling much better now.

tort Sounds like you had a good day. Hope the tidying up goes well.

OP posts:
HazelNuts · 27/01/2007 20:40

Hi All

Been busy here for the last two day. I was going to pop in last night but I had a really bad headache so computer was a big NO! NO!

It was DS1s birthday yesterday. We surprised him with a party when he got home from school. I had not put up much when he got up. (told him mummy was not feeling to well) then when he got home the lounge was a really cool party room <br /> <br /> The day did not go quite as I planed though <br /> <br /> I have just finished moving the fridge and the freezer out to clean under them. DS1 dropped his cup of milk and most of it went under them. Fridge magnets are not always fun to have on the fridge <br /> <br /> Im going to have a read around now.

Hope I did not miss to much yesterday.

HazelNuts · 27/01/2007 21:42

You have all been busy with one thing or another.

I must do a list of jobs each day. Not only do I forget to do things but I also feel like I have not done much until I add the day together. Maybe with I list I wont have to think about what I have done as I could just see what I have done in the day. Does that make sense?

tort squatchette I know how you feel about studio. I still own them loads and the balance never seems to go down
I must have paid for the goods I got 10 times over by now. So much for being less than half price when I got them.

squatchette It is good to see you back. Hope DD2 is well on the mend now. I would tell them how you are really feeling when you go to the GPs next. They can not help you until you do and you will feel better for doing so.

tort I know what it is like with lack of money. just seems never ending when you have to keep paying out even more then you should just because of charges. I had another £12 in charges this week Just because the money went in the bank the same day it was dew to come out.

tortoise · 27/01/2007 23:37

Hi HN.
Sorry been playing on isketch all night!
Happy birthday to your ds for yesterday. Sounds great.
Sorry day didnt quite go as planned for whatever reason......

I did find a little list helped me friday(i think it was friday!).

Ewww spilt milk!

Money is just awful. I kept back £15 this week to get DS's cool haircuts today.But in a way feel like why should i struggle to pay out for it when xp1 should. He gets all the money for them.I get bugger all and have to find money to feed them etc.

Oh well.Its late and im off to bed. DD2 is asleep on me after lots of coughing.
NN See you all tomorrow.

tortoise · 28/01/2007 09:26

Morning FLYers!
Load to do today in the tortoise house! I didn't do anything last night.
So to do
~Tidy kitchen
~sweep floor
~Tidy front room
~Change DD's beds.
~Change my bed
~Put any clothes away!

That will do for now.

tortoise · 28/01/2007 10:00

Is everyone having a lie-in?

~TD 1st load in
~WM 1st load in
~DW on
~Tidy kitchen
~sweep floor
~Tidy front room
~Change DD's beds.
~Change my bed
~Put any clothes away!

Adding ~Bath DD's! in now!

Next job front room while DD's are out the way.(yes i can see them in the bath from front room incase anyone worries!)

satinshoes · 28/01/2007 10:28

Hi tort.

I've done quite well already. cleared under computer desk, tidied up all Dds toys, w/m on, d/w emptied and reloaded and kitchen cleared.

Terrible night with DD but DH took over at midnight and let me sleep from 12.30 - 6.30 as he gave her a bottle in the middle of the night. (only her 3rd bottle ). Unfortunately the downside is that he is away tonight so i have to cope with both DDs on my own. DD2 seems to have marathon feeding from 7pm until midnight so it will be hard

JustIvor · 28/01/2007 10:40

Hi tort. Sorry to hear that you still have money worries. The Martin Lewis website has top tips for money saving. He will say everything I could and much better too! My only tip is to work out what is essential and what is only desirable. Keep the money you have for the essential things (housing, food, warmth, clothes, shoes) and put to one side ideas of desirable things until you can easily afford them. It won't be forever and you'll get there so much quicker with proper budget planning and spending wisely.

Hi satin. Sorry that you didn't have a good night. I hope tonight is much better for you.

Right. Must put the roast lamb in the oven and get the veg prepared. Then I can crack on with the housework without having to tear myself away to do lunch. See you later!

OP posts:
taylormama · 28/01/2007 10:45

morning all - DS still not brill but i think on the mend thank goodness. Anway sorted out my larder cupboard, wiped kitchen cupboards and swept kitchen floor - not sure what the mission is but feeling quite pleased that i have done these few bits ... wishing everyone a good day.

tortoise · 28/01/2007 10:58

~TD 1st load in
~WM 1st load in
~DW on
~Tidy kitchen
~sweep floor
~Tidy front room done
~Hoover done
~Change DD's beds.
~Change my bed
~Put any clothes away!

Adding ~Bath DD's! in now! now out (nearly an hour later!)

Well done satin. Sorry you had a bad night. Myy DD used to feed loads in the evenings until i tried a dummy.She was only comfort feeding so the dummy worked.

Ivor I try and do essentials only but sometimes fail! It would be better if i had the money for a big shop then i wouldn't buy more expensive stuff in local shops. Never seem to have enough money to make it worth doing a tesco shop online. I get emails from the martin lewis website.

glitterfairy · 28/01/2007 10:58

HI everyone. Am feeling like I need to buck my ideas up adn give myself a mental shake as am starting to relapse into old habits and get in a mess again.

Still today have already:

Sorted out two complicated forms
Done two lots of washing
Two loads of drying and put away clothes
Sorted a shopping list
Read a chapter of a work book

Need to:

Go shopping
Tidy whole house as have friends coming round
Re do candles so I can put them on tonight
Do some more on my photos
Start finding places for things again
Shine my sink
Another load of washing
Find a window cleaner
Sort out a man to service my boiler

Oh yes not busy at all and friends coming for tea so need to cook that as well.

grouchyoscar · 28/01/2007 11:25

Hello All and happy Sunday to you. Hope you had good Saturday nights. Me...I fell asleep (in the middle of a film )

Getting new rug anxiety - demanding shoes off etc etc and telling DS he can only have drinks in room if he sits on the sofa. Well I chose it and it's my cah that paid for it. I'm sure I'll be asking you Flyers about wool carpet care shortly.

Given up ever trying to get a morning lie in. DS invades room and DH does a great line in pretending to be asleep. Most annoying is I got up and went downstairs to get some peace and enjoy the monotony of wiping up and DS follows (aaaaaaggggghhhh) Single parents, you have my unending admiration.

Done list so far

Strip DS's bed off (leaky nappy incident)
Strip DS and shower him
Dry and dress ds
Run DW
Clean kitchen
Clean sink (really did, it had a severly greasy ring of fat round it and was clogged with bits ao burnt food what does DH do when he cooks?)
Take basket of wet washing 2 floors up to attic
Hang to dry
Bring slight;y damp washing down to TD
Empty TD
Load TD and run
Fold dry washing
Take upstairs and put away
Make bed
Sort out ironing pile
Tidy front room
Sprinkle bicarb on landing carpet (to eliminate moggy smells)
Sprinkle DS's matress with bicarb (to remove wee smell)
Empty DW
Put away
Go through a US road map with DS (he adores maps but he has no concept of size (he's 3.5 bless) and thought it would be a quick train ride from NYC to Las Vegas so we didn't need an 8 hr flight)
Have breakfast )DH made blueberry pancakes...hope he didn't make a mess!)

I've made my excuses and gone back to bed. Ooooh I love laptops and wireless networks!

To Do
Lay ouyt DS's clothes for tomorrow
Get my clothes ready for tomorrow
Do my course homework
Vac landing of Bicarb
Vac mattress
Remake DS's bed

but MUST sleep first.... Byeeeeeeeeeee ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

EllieHsMum · 28/01/2007 12:39

Hi everybody, hope you are all well. Will read back thread and come back. very lazy yesterday & today. Not done much today as you can see.

wash/dress dd done
S& S bathroom
S & S downstairs toilet
S & S kitchen
General Tidy
Book Dental Appointment(Carried forward)
Book Appointment with bowel Dr

grouchyoscar · 28/01/2007 13:21

EHM have you got another thread running today?

Sorry to e nosey

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