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Combination Washer/Dryer - do you recommend?

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Apteryx · 24/01/2007 00:15

We have an apartment with a small bathroom where the washer and dryer are housed. I am interested in buying a washer/dryer combination to save space. I believe they use a condenser (we call them ventless in Australia).
Does anyone have experience of them? What do you think? How does the drying compare with a normal dryer? Are there particular brands that work better? I'm going out now, will check in later - thanks.

OP posts:
CristinaTheAstonishing · 24/01/2007 00:17

We've had a Miele for the past 8 years and no repairs yet. The dryer takes only 1/2 the washing load, but usually there are at least a few items that can be left out anyway (fleeces, things that need drying straight etc) so not a huge problem.

NewMoonOnMonday · 24/01/2007 00:20

I had a servis washer/dryer and it was total crap. Took about an hour to dry 1 shirt - could have ironed it dry much quicker, or blown on it to dry it actually. Perhaps more expensive brands are better though.

mamama · 24/01/2007 00:24

I had a cheap Indesit and it was great. No problems at all although I have heard lots of bad stories about washer/ dryers. I would get one again.

mears · 24/01/2007 00:35

I had one when it was just DH and me and one baby. Cried buckets after DS2 was born because I couldn't keep up with washing. They are good if you don't have lots of washing

ChaCha · 26/01/2007 00:12

I bought an LG washer/drier before DS's arrival last year and I think it's fab! Drying times vary, options include less, normal and more depending on what needs doing. A normal wash - holds up to 7kg and if its a wash and dry 3.5kg. The only downfall IMHO is that you can't just use the drier and of course, you can't use one of those liquid cup things when doing a wash/dry. HTH, and I think it cost about 550

pollymay · 27/01/2007 17:01

I have just got back from a mission to Curry's to check out the washer dryers. I have got a very old Hoover one and have only used the dryer once but planning on using cotton nappies when this bump turns into a scary reality! So . . . Any other tips or makes that you think worked well please let me know. I live in a tiny flat and a seperate dryer would mean putting it in the nursery or the sitting room . . . Thanks.

asur · 27/01/2007 22:52

I have a washer/dryer, got it just to save space... It is good overall BUT my biggest annoyance is that there isn't a fluff catcher thingy that you usually get in a dryer. Maybe other models have them but mine doesn't - means having to open it up and clear out the pump every so often which can't be good for the machine

Sometimes annoying that I can't have washer and dryer on at same time but that's outweighed by the fact that I don't have to have a dryer in the livingroom and also the fact, if it's a small enough load, I can switch it on in the morning for a wash and dry load and it's done by the time I come home at night

asur · 27/01/2007 22:53

Meant to say, mine's a Hoover and I got it last year but can't remember model and can't be bothered going to kitchen to look...

chopchopbusybusy · 27/01/2007 22:57

If you're really stuck for space then they are OK - we did have one when we lived in a much smaller house. The drying cycle takes longer and they only usually take half a load for drying. When it finally gave up it was the dryer that went first - washer still worked for ages after that. We had a zanussi - had loads of zanussi appliances since and never had any problems.

katylou25 · 28/01/2007 14:36

I haveone and I hate hate hate it!!! Doesn't dry very well , even when I wash a loaad and then split ti in to two to dry - so end up with washing all over the radiators qanyway which kind of defeats the object! Everything gets covered in fluff as no filter like normal dryers. When I can work out where to put one am getting a seperate tumbler.

MiaWallace · 28/01/2007 15:10

I would say only buy one if you absolutely have no room at all for a dryer. As others have said it takes forever to dry anything and the clothes never feel as fresh and dry as they would from a normal tumble dryer.

petunia · 28/01/2007 15:52

Defintely do not get a Hoover. I gave up a 14 year old Ariston washing machine for a Hoover 6kg washer/dryer 7 years ago (needed a dryer when DD came along and like you, not much space). I've had 2 doors fall off because (in my opinion) the door is too heavy for the hinge. The first one was when the machine was 18 months old, 2 days before Christmas 2003, and 3 weeks before DD2 arrived. When I looked at the hinge, it had air bubbles in it so had been badly made/cast. Hoover refused to refund the cost (£30) of a new door, even though I offered to send the door/hinge to them, because we managed to repair it ourselves rather than wait the 3 weeks over Christmas before a Hoover engineer could visit. It's not a great washing machine either and if I have another washer/dryer, I'll go for another make.
Have heard Miele and Bosche are brilliant when it comes to washing machines but don't know if they make washer/dryers or what they're like.

yossa · 28/01/2007 16:28

Given a coice, i would definitely have separate. I have had both and prefer separate for 3 reasons

  1. Can have both going at the same time and therefore get more done more quickly
  2. can put more in a separate dryer and get it done more quickly
  3. the combination one i had was crap- my first experience of a tumble dryer and would never had another until someone told me that a separate one was a totaly different kettle of fish. and boy is it - i am now a dryer freak!! Was really not sure about getting one as all my other appliances are integrated but am i glad ofthe ugly white thing in the corner this winter!!
purpleturtle · 28/01/2007 16:57

Another vote for separate machines if you can. I have an indesit washer/dryer because I simply haven't got room for separates. It's okay, but my washing would be under better control with separate machines!

I do find the indesit machines quite noisy.

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