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Today is my day off and I have...

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Posey · 23/01/2007 13:11

cleaned all the windows in the house inside and out and am just taking a break from the venetian blinds. I only manage the windows about 3 times a year because we live on the 3rd/4th floor so I need to psych myself up for it. And the blinds, well I don't know when they had more than a quick dust and they are filthy. Took them down and chucked them in the bath.

Tonight I will be rewarding myself with a very large drink

OP posts:
JackieNo · 23/01/2007 13:12

Sounds like you've earned it.

hoxtonchick · 23/01/2007 13:15

. our windows are in a shocking state.

Posey · 23/01/2007 13:18

Oh no, now the sun is coming out and showing up all the smears
Am off to finish the blinds!

OP posts:
bundle · 23/01/2007 13:19

windows? hmmmmmm

ledodgy · 23/01/2007 13:20

It is YOUR day off step back from the windows and any other housework. Make a cuppa watch tv or read. This is an order!

Posey · 23/01/2007 14:14

Thanks ledodgy for that order! have been doing exactly that for too long which is why they were soooo awful.

As Cissie (or was it Ada?) once said "She's a stranger to Ajax"

OP posts:
ledodgy · 23/01/2007 14:38
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