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Quick central heating survey

10 replies

Bucketsofdynomite · 22/01/2007 20:33

What temperature is yours set to in the evenings eg 5-10pm ish?
Mine is currently 20degrees but it seems freezing. Would it be extravagant to turn it up?

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Bienchen · 23/01/2007 06:25

BoD - ours is only on 19degrees! We sometimes turn it down to 17 and have a fire in the living room. It'll soon be higher up as I'm 35wks pg, so don't feel the cold much.

Furball · 23/01/2007 07:00

our is on 21

asleep · 23/01/2007 07:09

ours is set to 20, but it's always 22-23 in reality.

pianist · 23/01/2007 07:18

The thermostat is set to 18, but it goes off at 7.30pm when the children are in bed, so in reality it's quite cold!

bigknickersbigknockers · 23/01/2007 07:28

I am with furball... 21 because anything less just seems too cold

SecondhandRose · 23/01/2007 07:39

19-20 and goes off at 9.30pm

MuffinMclay · 23/01/2007 13:56

Set at 24, but it is more like 19/20 in reality.
I have a constant battle with dh who is forever turning it down and off when he thinks I'm not looking.

shosha · 23/01/2007 14:05

Message withdrawn

NannyL · 23/01/2007 18:41

15c.... but my house seems to stay warm!

i only have it on for a few hours a day (but them im not actually here for most of the day!)

Bucketsofdynomite · 23/01/2007 18:48

Might just buy a new jumper then . And some decent curtains.

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