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Right...I have soda what?

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Jessajam · 22/01/2007 14:42

How do I make environmentally-friendlier, less chemically, cheaper than ecover gloop for washing machine?

and can I use on everything or should I avoid it on some fabrics/wool etc

OP posts:
Wilbur · 22/01/2007 14:52

Love the title of the thread, jessajam - I have had a sack of soda crystals sitting under my sink for about 6 months now. Still unopened . It's a bit like my buying quinoa and then realising months later I should really eat some in order to reap the health benefits.

I will watch this thread with interest!

Posey · 22/01/2007 14:54

Not sure what to do with clothes but its great for unblocking sinks/drains of grease and for cleaning tiles (on floors, walls etc)

expatinscotland · 22/01/2007 14:58

To clean out your washing machine, chuck a cup of crystals in your machine and run the hottest temp cycle you can.

Put it in the drum.

Next, run a cycle on the hottest temp you can, but throw a cup of white vinegar in the drum.

soph28 · 22/01/2007 15:06

I have had a sack of them under my sink since september when I used them in a wash to get some stains out of ds's clothes. it didn't work and then ds got a very mysterious rash all over his face which blistered really badly. Don't know if it was the soad crystals but haven't used them again.

soph28 · 22/01/2007 15:07

oops meant soda

Kaloo20 · 22/01/2007 15:14

I bought some soda crystals a week or so ago and used them to clean all my plug holes and hubby used the remaining on the outside drains.

I saw you could wash with them.

I am also watching with interest

SickJealousandWorried · 22/01/2007 15:17

I was hoping someone would tell me if you sprinkled them on decking they would magically get rid of the green slimy stuff with no scrubbing

Whizzz · 22/01/2007 15:23

Don't forget though that soda crystals / washing soda is still a chemical. Check the pack & see if it says Irritant or has a black X on an orange background
Also always be careful not to mix different types of cleaning porduct together

Jessajam · 22/01/2007 15:26

This reply has been deleted

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