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any one got underfloor heating?

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hermykne · 22/01/2007 13:51

and your thoughts on it please

for how have you got it
did it do it to a new build or an existing building
what rooms does it heat
does it heat sufficently winter and summer (do you turn it off at all or just down to low)
and if you have any other usful bits of info i'd appreciate it.

need factual experiences not the salesman approach as i am considerig it for our new house.

OP posts:
DarrellRivers · 22/01/2007 13:58

My mum has it in her bathroom and it is wonderful
I have no idea how much it cost but she just renovated her bathrooms and so it has been done to a first floor edwardian bathroom under tiles
Not much other practical advice, but it certainly was lovely to bath the children in the bathroom because the floor was so cosy.

mummydoc · 22/01/2007 14:08

we have it throughout our house - it wasa new build 2 yrs ago. Underfloor heating is fab, fab, fab IMO. the hous eis never cold, we have each room and all the halls/landings etc on separate thermostats so everyone has their own temp setting - very useful in the nursery etc ,. we turn it off in some rooms which are rarely used like the dining room it was abit wierd at first walking on warm tiles in the bathrooms and kitchens . we have found it is best on lower for longer and often have the thermostats down low and the heating on all day , but saying that we do like the house warm !! dh thinks it is pretty efficient and certainly our bills ar enot excessive the size of house. the only downside is no radiators to drape wet clothes on ....

chipkid · 22/01/2007 14:12

I have it-was in the house since 1977 so quite an old system. It is fab. We put the heat on at midnight and it turns off st 7am so all the electricity is used on economy seven. The house is as warm as toast during the day as we have a limestone floor which retains the heat for a long time.

If the underfloor haeting is on during the day it is Very expensive to run though!

womblingalong · 22/01/2007 14:16


Had it put through most of our ground floor under oak floating floor, it is fab, warm and no unsightly radiators - (the electric wire system btw)I just hang cothes on an airer, and they dry fine, as the floor acts like a giant radiator set on low. Cost wise comparable to GCH to run, altho I would say we need to turn the heating up on cold days to get it as warm as the rest of the house, we tend to set the themostat to a comfortable temp in the summer, and it regulates itself.

LucyJu · 22/01/2007 14:33

We have just had underfloor heating installed in our hall, kitchen and dining room and it is lovely. We have an electric system - I think it is the 150w output. Don't believe anyone who tells you that it can only be used for "comfort" and not for "ambient" heating - we are beautifully warm and radiator-free. We paid extra for insulation boards to be laid underneath the heating mat - and this has meant that the floor heats up very quickly when required. It only takes about 30 minutes or so to heat the floor now. A friend who also has underfloor heating has no insulation underneath and it takes around 24 hours for the floor to heat up. Nevertheless, she too is very pleased with it.

hermykne · 22/01/2007 18:47

thanks a million for all your replies
thats a greAT HELP.
so no one turns it off in the summer just sets it low.

thanks again.

OP posts:
chipkid · 22/01/2007 20:34

I turn mine off in the summer. We have a south facing glass wall and an aga-we are hot enough in the summer!!!!

hex · 25/01/2007 22:05

can I also ask:

a) where did you buy your underfloor heating from - and is it like an electric matting that goes down? - are there diffrent types and which is the best?

b) what sort of flooring do you have on top of it...tiles? real wood...laminate? - what's the best kitchen flooring to go on top of it?

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