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?broken washing machine

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skiwear · 19/01/2007 09:21

Grateful for any help. Is my wm broken? It won't start, that's it. It was fine on Wed. Can't find plug to check we've not switched it off so I'm guessing it's at the back and we havn't. Just thought they might be like cars and make loads of noise before they give up. Thanks

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Flamesparrow · 19/01/2007 09:24

Fuse could be blown?

skiwear · 19/01/2007 09:26

That was quick thanks. I will get dh to check around. If that was the case would other things not work or only if they shared a plug!

OP posts:
Flamesparrow · 19/01/2007 09:34

I think it can vary - I know my mum's dishwasher fuse always blew if she tried to use the d/w and the w/m at the same time...

skiwear · 19/01/2007 09:39


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