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Need a large dining table for only occasional use - short of space - ideas?

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franch · 17/01/2007 22:34

Need to be able to seat at least 8 in our small dining room which most of the time is the DDs' playroom. We'll be getting a small 6-seater table for the kitchen - originally we thought this would be an extendable table that we could shift through to the dining room when necessary, but we've just seen a really compact non-extending one that'd go beautifully in our kitchen so ...

Any decent big drop-leaf tables out there that would fold down really small? Or anyone tried what I just read about on the BBC Homes website - "A large table top can be created easily from MDF or plywood. It can be covered with a tablecloth and used for entertaining [presumably sitting on top of the smaller table] then stored in the garage" - ??? Any other ideas???

OP posts:
Skribble · 17/01/2007 22:37

We have a table top and screw off legs that is the same width and height as our every day table. Chuck a cloth on and never know the difference. Table top and scrw on legs from Ikea.

franch · 18/01/2007 10:01

So do you mean you put the table top on top of your smaller table, or do you set it up separately Skribble? And how big is the bigger one? Will check Ikea - thanks

OP posts:
franch · 18/01/2007 10:01

So do you mean you put the table top on top of your smaller table, or do you set it up separately Skribble? And how big is the bigger one? Will check Ikea - thanks

OP posts:
Bozza · 18/01/2007 10:06

I think she means that she pushes the two tables together to form a larger one. I would definitely look at what Ikea have got to offer.

MarsLady · 18/01/2007 10:08

Honey... hiya! Don't you remember my table? It's an IKEA one. It seats 8 easily and extends so that we've managed to have 14 around it for Christmas. Though of course it doesn't fold down any smaller. Fab for homework and art projects though.

ComeOVeneer · 18/01/2007 10:10

We have 2 of these which are in the hall and we use them as an extra table in the dining room when we have more than 8 people over for dinner.

franch · 18/01/2007 10:14

Aha, I see Bozza

Oh yes I remember Mars - thing is though it'd take up a good part of the DDs' 'playroom', and would only be used now and then as we normally eat in the kitchen (which isn't big enough for an 8 seater). I suppose a table in the playroom wouldn't be too bad when they're older but even DD1 doesn't have homework yet

OP posts:
ska · 18/01/2007 10:16

funnily enough was at my mil at the weekend and she had this clever thing just for this: she has had an MDF table top made that goes on top of her table and seats 8 - 10. It fits on top of her existing table and in her case is round (like her usual table) but it could as easily be oblong I should think. She had it cut at her local diy store and a friend brought it home. she stores it in her garage but it could go behind a sofa i would think. It cost very little

MrsWobble · 18/01/2007 10:19

friends of mine use the board over the table plus table cloth thing and it works fine. You need to make sure the table is sturdy enough and also be a bit careful about anyone leaning heavily on one end of the board - but that would probably be bad table manners anyway wouldn't it.

franch · 18/01/2007 10:19

That's interesting ComeOVeneer - so what you have in your hall is a circular table about 1m diameter? We might just be able to squeeze that into the playroom (def not our hallway!) ... So you could seat about 8 if you just pushed the 2 together?

OP posts:
KTeePee · 18/01/2007 10:22

If you want to get separate table for the dining room, a gateleg style will be the most compact when folded down.

franch · 18/01/2007 10:27

Yes looks like you're right KTP - this may be our best option, altho I always find gateleg/drop leaf tables a bit awkward for getting your knees under!

Or else we give up on the lovely kitchen table we've seen and go back to plan A and find an extendable table for the kitchen which we could move thru to the dining room when necessary. Not great for spontaneity tho is it?!

OP posts:
Skribble · 18/01/2007 10:28

The tables are just put together as they are both the same height, very handy having the 2nd table as the legs just screw on and off quickly has been used as a desk for a while but now just additional dining.

Our everyday table is the Non folding rectangular version of this , but this table in this link is huge when open too. It matches with the semicircle table that Comeoveneers link shows. There is a semi circle without a flap and one with so various combinations can be had.

KTeePee · 18/01/2007 10:31

Franch, we used to have something very similar to the one you linked to and it is not really too awkward for sitting at (we still use it outdoors for barbies, etc)

ComeOVeneer · 18/01/2007 10:34

We have 2 semi circle tables against the wall in the hall with the leaf dropped down flat against the wall. Then put it in the dining room with our other permenant table and either seat 6 with one flap up or 8 with both.

franch · 18/01/2007 10:37

This reply has been deleted

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Skribble · 18/01/2007 10:38

I quite fancied the semi circle table but no room in the hall or anywhere else, but would be very handy for when we have more than 6.

franch · 18/01/2007 10:38

Thanks KTP and ComeOVeneer - v helpful

OP posts:
Skribble · 18/01/2007 10:40

You could put little wooden turn things underneath that would hold it steady, can't think how to describe them. I was going to get FIL to make me a huge top that would fold with hinges and catches underneath to secure it to the table underneath, but then I discovered the other desk table was the same height.

ska · 18/01/2007 10:41

it does wobble very slightly but mainly at the ends and we simply swopped the children round (obviously we don't put our elbows on the table...)i think it's a fab cheap solution and i would definitely do it myself. actually when we were students we took one of the doors off and put it on top of the tiny table supplied by the landlord! just had to remember to put it back when he came round....

Skribble · 18/01/2007 10:42

toggles is that the word I am looking for .

Carmenere · 18/01/2007 10:44

I have that table Franch(or one very similiar) and it is fab reall as when it folds out it is huge and when it is down it is very neat. But you are right it is slightly akward to place you legs under but it is a good compromise.

hatwoman · 18/01/2007 10:45

my brother and his wife use the plywood plus table cloth trick. I guess you can't use it to make a table too much bigger than it actually is - or you'd risk it tipping up, but it seems to work ok

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