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Ok clever Mn'ers, its v v cold here, whats wrong with our central heating?

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Flossam · 14/01/2007 18:48

Just on the off chance anyone else has had this before we have to remortgage for the plumber to visit. Our heating system seems to be slowly dying a death. Since the start of the winter, we have only had downstairs heating, but tbh, it has been enough. Now though, we are down to one radiator (in the lounge, thankfully) which has to be bled daily to keep it going. Obviously I need to do something about it now, as I have a constantly cold nose! But does anyone have any idea of what it could be? Please? Seeing as I have branded you as all being clever?

OP posts:
morningpaper · 14/01/2007 18:52

What's the pressure in your boiler?

Are you using a combi system or what?

When were your radiators last given a power flush?

alexw · 14/01/2007 19:01

If you've got a combi boiler the pressure gauge should be at 1.5 if it's not, then the radiators won't get hot. To up the pressure you need to (v slowly) turn on the water tap near the boiler until it reads 1.5 then heat should be restored. HTH

Flossam · 14/01/2007 19:05

We have a back boiler. TBH I've never seen any kind of gauge anywhere! the arse who used to live here didn't leave any of the manuals and has ignored my letter asking him to return them or contact us. It's a baxi boiler. There is a kind of pipe attached to the hot water tank, would that be the kind of thing?!!

OP posts:
StrawberrySnowflakes · 14/01/2007 19:20

ours {thankfully} is still working at min, but we moved in in July and not all radiators are as hot as others??..we have back boiler too, i have been advised to 'power flush' them but wont that knacker the back boiler seeing as though theyre old and past it, meaning a full new sysytem and thousands of pounds??

SoupDragon · 14/01/2007 19:25

My guess is that there is either a block or an airlock in the system. It needs to be drained.

Flossam · 14/01/2007 19:36

Which deffo means a plumber really dosen't it? Ah well. My parents are going to have their old boiler for us apparently if required!

OP posts:
morningpaper · 14/01/2007 19:37

Yes you need a central heating engineer

I would contact Baxi and see if they have someone they can recommend

SoupDragon · 14/01/2007 19:39

Yes, you do really need an engineer. Hopefully it'll be something that's sorted by draining/flushing the system rather than the boiler.

TrinityRhino · 14/01/2007 19:42

where do you live flossam

and what fuel does it use???

Flossam · 14/01/2007 20:09

Thats a good idea MP. Hopefully less likely to be ripped off that way.

TR, its a gas boiler and I'm in Bristol.

OP posts:
Kbear · 14/01/2007 20:12

Ring British Gas, join their Homecare for £17 a month. Tomorrow call them out. They don't ask questions like when did it go wrong. You're a customer, you've signed up to a direct debit, that's good enough for them.

Did this last December (after paying plumber fortunes and he couldn't fix it).

Flossam · 14/01/2007 20:14

I thought I needed the documentation for the boiler to do that though as looked into it before. Also, have to sign an agreement saying there are no problems on signing... I am a wuss.

OP posts:
Kbear · 14/01/2007 20:15

They didn't ask me to sign anything and I just told them what kind of boiler it was. Honestly. I joined one evening and called them out the next morning.

TrinityRhino · 14/01/2007 20:17

oh sorry bit too far for dh to come sorry

Flossam · 14/01/2007 20:25

I'll talk to DP Kbear, see what he thinks! Thanks for that.

TR - no problem, thanks you anyway.

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