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URGENT - how to get chewing gum out of a lock??

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ernest · 11/01/2007 14:20

a 'prankster' has put chewing gum in my neighbours lock. We can't get it out, or a key in. What to do??

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RustyBear · 11/01/2007 14:44

From Wikipedia:Purified petrol (not the common "gasoline") and Ethanol dissolve gum, as probably do a lot of other solvents.

wurlywurly · 11/01/2007 14:46

can u use a pair of tweezers and pull it out???

ernest · 11/01/2007 15:06

the gap is too tiny for tweezers, do you think cleaning alcohol will be the same as ethanol? I've googled it, but most sites recommend buning the article in the freezer, not entirely practicle unfortunatels in this case

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ernest · 12/01/2007 18:01

wurlywurly you got me thinking and I got a tiny spectacles screwdriveer and managed to pick it out, ta

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