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What is it with all this FLY stuff??

12 replies

snowfunwhenyoureknackered · 05/01/2007 07:39

Is it just about doing the housework?

Whats the fun in that?

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Jelley · 05/01/2007 07:42

There is no fun it it. That's why we do the FLY thing. It helps those of us who hate it to keep motivated, and actually do it , and we also get to have a chat.

glitterfairyrenewed · 05/01/2007 07:45

For me it provides a bit of structure and a to do list which makes me know I have done more than I thought possible and yes Jelley is right we get to chat about it.

snowfunwhenyoureknackered · 05/01/2007 07:46

but, briefly, what is the fly thing?

do you have to do some housework every day?

don't most folk do a bit anyway, living in a house with kids?

OP posts:
shouldbedoingthehousework · 05/01/2007 07:47

no fun as such but for me it gives motivation, encouragement and some kind of direction to start with all the jobs I find so difficult to get on with. Some nice folk to chat to too which adds the element of fun

snowfunwhenyoureknackered · 05/01/2007 07:49

ah, just seen the dining room fly going on active convo's

is fly for people with big (well bigger than my 2 up 2 down) houses?

I don't need to worry about cleaning the dining room cos I haven't got one

have you all got fairly decent sized houses then?

OP posts:
snowfunwhenyoureknackered · 05/01/2007 07:50

actually I think it's the chat element you all enjoy!

OP posts:
Jelley · 05/01/2007 07:51

FLY Lady is a really cheesy American website which takes those of us who look at a house full of mess and kids and don't know where to start, so end up doing nothing, and breaks everything down into managable jobs and routines.
If you sign up they send about 20 emails a day saying what to do...not surprisingly most of us cancelled them, and use our thread fo reminders instead.

TinsellyRhino · 05/01/2007 07:52

doesn't matter what size tyour house is, if you battling with too much stuff in your house FLY will help you declutter or if like me you just battle to get up oin the morning and find any clean clothes for the kids or keep anything tidy or clean through ABSOLUTE SHEER EXHAUSTION, SELF HATE AND LACK OF MOTIVATION then FLY helps too

TinsellyRhino · 05/01/2007 07:53

I guess if you don't get it then your already managing fine...but your still welcome

Jelley · 05/01/2007 07:54

snowfun, I have a two up two down, but always had lots of clutter....I still have too much stuff but now I can control it better and the house looks better.

If you do all the housework without really having to think about it, you don't need FL, if you always feel like you never quite catch up with it, it helps.

glitterfairyrenewed · 05/01/2007 07:54

I havent got a big house but I work full time and am a single mother and sometimes it just all seems too much. This is a way fo sorting it out into something which I can cope with.

snowfunwhenyoureknackered · 05/01/2007 15:40


makes a bit more sense now!

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