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Dishwasher Emergency!

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Berrie · 28/12/2006 11:34

Our dishwasher has broken AHhhhh! Has anyone had one repaired. How much might it cost? I realise this will depend on the part but assuming it was something inexpensive what kind of call out charge might there be and who should I call? Would i be better getting a new second hand one?

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hinemoa · 28/12/2006 11:37

oh old is it?

hinemoa · 28/12/2006 11:38

rather old is it ??

Berrie · 28/12/2006 11:38

4 years

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hinemoa · 28/12/2006 11:41

Is it just not working or was there alot of water coming out????

4 years is not too ancient for repairing - was it 2nd hand anyway?

hinemoa · 28/12/2006 11:46

Ring the shop where you bought it - they may do repairs.
in the meantime here are some trouble shooting links -


Berrie · 28/12/2006 11:48

No it was new. There is lots of water leaking out. DH is quite handy and he has taken it apart and can't see why it's leaking. His best guess is that an electronic part is supposed to open a valve but isn't doing that so the water is coming out!?!

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Berrie · 28/12/2006 11:48

wow thanks a lot!

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NbgSparklyYellowFeathers · 28/12/2006 11:59

If theres water coming out, most dishwashers have a safety switch so they won't work if theres any unwanted water about.
This happended to ours a few weeks ago. Tilt your dishwasher back and get out as much water as possible. Leave it for a couple of days and it should be ok.
We ended up getting an engineer out for ours only for him to do that so its worth a shot before you part with your money.

Berrie · 28/12/2006 12:02

Ah, cna't be that because it just carries on. How much was the call out?

OP posts:
NbgSparklyYellowFeathers · 28/12/2006 12:04

Well luckily ours was still under warranty, so nothing.
What a bugger for you.

partypooper · 28/12/2006 12:23

SNAP!!! mine won't pump the water out since Christmas day after 7 people for lunch!! Can't find any kinks in the hose so I think it's more serious.

Have you checked the drain hose of yours and cleared the filters? Try to seee if the water is coming out of the door(rubber seal) or from underneath.

Have asked repairman to come for ours, daren't let dh near it as his style of plumbing/electrics is more the brute force and ignorance one..

Berrie · 28/12/2006 12:44

DH has had it in bits. He is worried that the repair man and parts will cost more than a new one. We don't have new dishwasher money though so bit of a problem. It was our 1st one and I can't believe how horrified I am at the thought of not having a magic cupboard! Still we didn't have 2 children then...where will I hide all the dirty pots if someine is coming round?

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