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Which bleaching agent/stain remover (for clothes) do you use?

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Munz · 27/12/2006 16:07

vanish, glowhite, ace, any otehrs?

i've tried vanish and tescos own and both were crappy tbh! lol - well vanish worked when I mixed 2 the powder nad liquid together) but didn't otherwise. I use the milton on J's white stuff on occassion to get the bad stains out but am thinking for other things/his good clothes.


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danceswithreindeer · 27/12/2006 16:17

soaking in napisan for a few hours or overnight is good but then i find vanish very good (completely got rid of blood stains when dd had a nosebleed on her pillow in the night)

Munz · 27/12/2006 16:21

will napisan be ok on other colours or whites only?

OP posts:
dingdongmerRADLEYonhigh · 27/12/2006 16:21

I use ecover clothes bleach and stain remover. Really good and do the job fab.

drummumadrumming · 27/12/2006 16:23

I was recomended soaking the clothes in biotex from MN for my sons rugby gear... which reminds me... its still outside in the bucket of water from over a week ago! let you know if its got the mud out when I get round to thawing it out and bringing it in

danceswithreindeer · 27/12/2006 16:25

I use napisan on all dcs stuff...more slattern than for any informed reason though

Munz · 27/12/2006 16:25


thanks will try the eccover and then napisan if no joy with that! lol.

def don't get tescos own one - it might as well not be there! lol.

OP posts:
chonky · 27/12/2006 16:28

I swear by Biotex - fab stuff.

winestein · 27/12/2006 17:02

I use washing up liquid on all stains after a thread on here ages ago. I swear by it!

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