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~#~#~#~#~ Wednesday Fly ~#~#~#~#~

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ludaloo · 27/12/2006 08:02


OP posts:
ludaloo · 27/12/2006 08:23

Morning all xx

More dusting! I don't have much to do as I dusted before christmas.

Ivor I don't suppose you know when Matalan opens do you? A friend is going to give me and the kids alift in to town today...I thought I might go have a look as they all need new underwear and could do with new hats too.

(((apologies also for my rather morbid day of posting yesterday! didn't mean to make anyone feel uncomfortable!!)))

OP posts:
asleep · 27/12/2006 08:27


to do today:

  • D/W DONE
  • send parcel
  • dust/hoover/tidy downstairs
  • laundry
  • buy some food at tesco

we had a nice day yesterday, spending christmas money in town. DP and DD got games and accessories for their nintendo DS consoles. and i bought 5 tops.
ludaloo · 27/12/2006 08:49

Morning Asleep (I so love your name...It sums up how I feel most of the time!)

You did well yesterday in the sales! I have actually done some online sale hunting as I'm kind of stuck here and the kids are poorly...but I really want to go and have a look around our new shop (Its only Matalan but believe me its a very welcome arrival!! There is not a lot to choose from out here!!!)

I have to tidy up around here too...I get very lazy when dh has time at home!

OP posts:
shouldbedeckingthehalls · 27/12/2006 09:06

Good Morning!

I'm sorry too luda, it was me who got the ball rolling on such a morbid topic - have been worring about it all night! I need to -

unload/reload dw
do 1 load of laundry
make up spare bed and relocate some of the junk from the spare room into my bedroom
hoover under and arouond Christmas tree
try to encourage kids to help move presents to their rightful places (unlikely, but worth a try..)
sort out food for ourselves and visitors for supper
tidy utility room??? Maybe....

shouldbedeckingthehalls · 27/12/2006 09:11

would be fun to nip to the shops but can't face it - may look online at some sale stuff...the kids are well off for clothes just now (except socks - was hoping for some for Christmas but didn't get any) and I don't really need anything but dh could do with some new tops. We also would like a small TV to put upstairs and a digital camera but I don't know where to start looking really....
Well done asleep for your bargins Hope you get to look around Matalan luda x

glitterfairyonachristmastree · 27/12/2006 09:34

May I join in here sometimes? I have started to shine my sink and to get into a bedtime routine but am just starting. Am off today to sort out some hotspots and to do a little shopping for food and a trip to the tip to recycle my rubbish.

I have just moved so still have sorting to do from that as well.

IvorthePolarExpress · 27/12/2006 10:09

Yes of course you can glitterfairy. Welcome.

Hi shouldbe.

luda I think it is open around the 18th. Car park on the right is a bit of a pig to get in and out and park. I saw a couple of near misses one day I was there. I think I'd rather walk in from the park and ride. If you park in the park and ride, you can get off and on at Somerfield now, you now (if you don't ride in from the p and r using the bus getting a ticket then you have to pay for the return journey). There's a new stopping place there. I know it's only one stop away but if it saves you lugging stuff around then it's not bad.

Don't worry about yesterday you two!

Off to do lots of jobs I hope. I've done lots already.

shouldbedeckingthehalls · 27/12/2006 10:25

Morning ivor, and welcome glitterfairy - I've only been around for a month or so but find this thread v useful so hope you will too

I'm doing my best to avoid any work as usual so am sculking around upstairs under the pretence of getting the spare room ready for my brother...I have done a bit and it's almost ready but I'm too easily distracted by the radio or MN or looking at new things with's too easy to avoid doing anything when dh is at home.

Where in Wales are you Ivor? My bro is driving across from Lampeter. We haven't heard that he's left yet and it's a 3/3.5 hour drive to us so at least I have lots of time to get the room ready! We may come over to Wales with my bro for New Year but haven't really decided yet...I'm not great with car journeys so will have to see how I am by the weekend...

RubyRioja · 27/12/2006 10:44

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ludaloo · 27/12/2006 12:39

Well I very quickly went to town with my friend. Its practically empty so we had no problem parking. I will bear the park and ride in mind for future though, thank you Ivor, the car park outside looks quite cramped doesn't it. Matalan opens on the 19th of Jan...or actually was it the 18th?? Anyway...went to peacocks instead to get kids underwear, they are all sorted now.

Hello glitterfairy nice to meet you

shouldbe we are a pair aren't we! I was worried all night too! I hope you are managing to do stuff, I'm the same...I can't get anything done when dh is at home. I hope your brother arrives safely soon.

Ruby Hi...glad you had a good xmas. I too have lots to straighten out!

OP posts:
glitterfairyonachristmastree · 27/12/2006 13:05

Thanks everyone. AM working slowly today as we all have a Christmas tummy bug. YUK! Have managed to do some tidying and sorting adn am now out to recycle. My new home is in a non recycling area and though I thought this would be good I cannot bear to throw things away I once recycled.

Slowly sifting through the Christmas stuff and have ordered some storage from the holding company so that the cupboard under the stairs can be cleared.

I am a single mum with three kids 7, 10 and 11 and also a full time job setting up a new (ish) business so am hoping that by doing little things often I can keep on top of stuff. I used to have a cleaner but am in a much smaller house and am determined to do this myself. Still hanging on to the ironing service at the moment though as hate it so much.

ludaloo · 27/12/2006 13:13

Wow glitterfairy you sound very busy! How do you manage to do everything!!
Good on you. Doing things bit by bit is the way to go....Congratulations on the new house too

OP posts:
shouldbedeckingthehalls · 27/12/2006 14:15

Hi Ruby glad you've had a good Christmas!
glitterfairy Good luck with your recycling, do you have far to travel to a recycling centre? We've filled 6 recycling doorstep boxes over the last few days, would hate to see it all going in a landfill site instead.

I've been managing to make some progress at last but only b/c dh has taken the kids to the local playground - before that I wasn't doing anything much at all. My list looks better now -

unload/reload dw done
do 1 load of laundry done 2 !
make up spare bed and relocate some of the junk from the spare room into my bedroom done
hoover under and arouond Christmas tree done
try to encourage kids to help move presents to their rightful places (unlikely, but worth a try..) a little done
sort out food for ourselves and visitors for supper
tidy utility room??? Maybe.... not done obviously; I'll never get it done !
Am feeling pretty good about it all again now and so hope to have some time to cuddle kids this afternoon. They're both v tired so I think we'll put a film on while we wait for our visitors....they should be arriving in the next hour I expect so we'll need a rest before they get here!

ludaloo · 27/12/2006 14:24

Well done with your list shouldbe
Have a good evening and enjoy a good cuddle!

My dc are all going to have a nice bath a little later on, I bought some new smelly bits from town, they had run out of Bubble bath and the likes.

Well I have left to do:
Washing / drying
Putting two piles away
Sort out kids drawers...various small straggly underwear pieces need replacing.
Hoovering all downstairs
Unload and reload dishwasher

Better get to it...I've spent way too long putting them off today!!!

OP posts:
asleep · 27/12/2006 14:49

welcome glitterfairy!!!

  • D/W DONE
  • send parcel DONE
  • go to library closed!
  • dust/hoover/tidy downstairs
  • laundry
  • buy some food at tesco DONE

going to do the rest after i've eaten tea.
ludaloo · 27/12/2006 15:13

Washing / drying 1 Load In washer..1 load in dryer

Putting two piles away Done

Sort out kids drawers...various small straggly underwear pieces need replacing.

Hoovering all downstairs Done

Unload and reload dishwasher Done

Right Off to sort clothes out.....

OP posts:
shouldbedeckingthehalls · 27/12/2006 15:28

Well done asleep and luda, keep up the hard work

My brother still hasn't arrived....starting to worry now! Decided tonights supper will be a takeaway so that's easy . We've only just finished lunch - everything seems to be taking so long these holidays! And now we're going to watch 'Cars', ds was given it for Christmas but I don't know anything about it - hope it's good

See you all later x x

glitterfairyonachristmastree · 27/12/2006 16:03


Go to bank deposit cheques and open two high interest accounts done

Tesco done

Two loads of washing done

Council tax forms done and posted

Doctor registration done

Recycling done

Blimey have read that and thought I was having a lazy day

ludaloo · 27/12/2006 18:01

Well I made a start on the clothes...will have to finish that tommorrow.

Off to have a bath and get these kids clean and ready for bed.

Night All xx

OP posts:
asleep · 27/12/2006 18:03

sleep well ludaloo!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus · 27/12/2006 18:42

Evening all. Fun day with DC. Played lots of games.

Done a little tidying plus DW and WM. Not much else though!

Will get DD's to bed soon.Early night for them i think.

Welcome GlitterFairy.

If i have money in the bank tomorrow i might take DD's on the train and look in the Matalan sales.DS1 desperatly needs some bigger clothes. And DD1 does too.

Well done to all the bust people today.

HazelnutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire · 27/12/2006 18:54

Evening all.

Welcome glitterfairy

Well done luda,asleep, shouldbe,glitterfairy you have done very well today.

Hiya Ivor From your post you have lots to do, hope you got done what you wanted to do. P.S can we have a list please? hehehe

Ruby I hope you get a new hoover soon. I would have been lost without mine. The lounge would be very glittery still, as we made cards and decs and we used loads of glitter. Though we had a mat down on the carpet, we seemed to have missed the mat and got loads of glitter on the carpet.
Im still seeing glitter everywhere although I have hoovered. Great fun and it did look very Christmasy <br /> <br /> My day has been ok. Dc are getting much better. DS2 and DD nearly there and DS1 is about 60% good. Hes still sleeping alot and is resting more than playing. They are all eating much better now. <br /> Im not feeling great but I don't know if that is b/c Im tired and a bit run down or if I have a little bit of the bug again. <br /> I have been busy FLYing to take my mind off of it. <br /> Todays list. <br /> 3 loads of washing. 4 dried 1 ironed and all put away. <br /> Hoovered the whole of the house, after tiding <br /> S+S the bathrooms <br /> Cleaned off all worktops in the kitchen and wiped down as many places that I could see. <br /> Unloaded and reloading D/W <br /> Stripped beds and remade <br /> <br /> Tomorrows list to do`s.
Get some bread and milk.
Wash bedding.
Dust in the lounge.
Along with any daily FLYing that needs doing.

We are going to have our Xmas dinner on Friday. We should all be ok and not ill anymore by then.

Hope everyone have had a good day today.

HazelnutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire · 27/12/2006 18:56

Evening tort.

Glad you had a good/fun day with DC

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus · 27/12/2006 18:59

Hi HN.
You have been busy today! Put me to shame!
Glad DC are all feeling better.Hope you are not getting it now.
We had lots of glitter mess after doing salt dough xmas eve.It seems to spread throughout the house!

Taking DD's to bed now.

HazelnutsRoastingOnAnOpenFire · 27/12/2006 19:11

Thanks tort, Fingers crossed that I`m not getting it and only feeling a bit low. I have only had a bit of toast today and I had to make myself eat that. Just dont feel hungry. Another reason for trying to do loads, to see if it made me feel hungry, but its not worked!

Yeah, The glitter has even got in the beds! lol.

My 3 are off to bed soon. They are watching "Bob the builder" DVD atm. DD singing "fix it" "es he can" she cant get the "y" in yes yet

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