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Can I put wedgewood (cornucopia design) in the dishwasher?

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handlemecarefully · 25/12/2006 12:45

It is bone china with gold leaf on the design...So can I?

OP posts:
gomez · 25/12/2006 12:57

Prob.not recommended. However I have Wedgewood china with a silver edge which I have dishwashed to no ill effect.

Merry Christmas

Bluebear · 25/12/2006 15:04

we just hand washed ours - I think that it is dishwasherable but dh wouldn't let me chance it - ours also has gold leaf bits

booge · 25/12/2006 15:21

NO! Stupid me already made that error opps

fruitcake · 25/12/2006 15:31

No, don't. Dishwashing detergent is too harsh. Grit your teeth and wash up by hand.

drifting · 26/12/2006 22:49

Usually it's not the washing but the drying that does the damage - so if you take it out still wet it's OK. As a one-off it probably won't do any harm, but not for regular dishwashing!

twinsetandpearls · 26/12/2006 22:58

I dishwash both my wedgewood sets, the more delucate one I just put on a lower setting.

twinsetandpearls · 26/12/2006 22:58

My more deliacteone is the one with the silver edge

divamumdiva · 26/12/2006 23:08

I have both wedgewood and doulton.My best never washed them in dishwasher. I have seconds that i use everyday, they washed in dishwasher. i think gold gget paler, and disappear at places. So its up to you

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