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Glass of water left for too long...grrrrr...

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achristmasshoop · 19/12/2006 21:01

Dp has left a glass of water for goodness knows how long under the bedside cabinet. Found it today and there are all scale like rings in the glass. I've washed it, but they haven't come out .
Do any helpful or knowledgable (or maybe both ) mnetters out there know the easiest way to get rid of these wretched things? I don't really want to throw the glass away as it's part of a set.
Thank You.

OP posts:
asleep · 19/12/2006 21:05

i'd leave white vinegar in it overnight.

caffeinequeen · 19/12/2006 21:05

White vinegar???

achristmasshoop · 19/12/2006 21:06

Thanks. I'll try that

OP posts:
bctmum · 19/12/2006 21:06

white wine vinegar - gets hard water stains out & great at getting rid of hard water on taps.

achristmasshoop · 19/12/2006 21:08

Ooh, I'll try that one too
I'm desperate. I could've punched him!!

OP posts:
achristmasshoop · 19/12/2006 21:10

Do you have to leave it overnight?

OP posts:
LIZS · 19/12/2006 21:12

or lemon juice left overnight

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