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OMG - I've just had a kitchen fire!!!!

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McDreamy · 08/12/2006 18:20

I was just cooking tea, baked potatoes and corination chicken filling. Put a pan on to sizzle the chicken when DS woke up screaming - went through to him (we're in a bungalow so not far away) when he promptly threw up and on it went came back into the kitchen covered in vomit to find the pan on fire!!!!! Really scared myself. Could someone pore me a drink?

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McDreamy · 08/12/2006 18:20

Can't even spell now!!!

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doyouwantfrankincensewiththat · 08/12/2006 18:24

ooh shocker!

Have a large sherry m'dear & a sit down. Hope it didn't make too much mess.
Always wonder if I'll have the presence of mind to smother the flames properly ,good thing you're all ok - apart from the baby vomit.

dmad · 08/12/2006 18:26

Here you go. _/

McDreamy · 08/12/2006 18:31

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am feeling a little calmer now and DH has opened some red wine. That was scary!

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doyouwantfrankincensewiththat · 08/12/2006 18:40

does that mean you get to have a take away tonight??

McDreamy · 08/12/2006 18:41

Actually through it all I still managed to produce 2 jacket potatoes with coronation chicken filling (made in a different saucepan) wash DS taggy on quick wash and settle him back down - can't really remember how but we've eaten and I'm on the chocolate

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FioFio · 08/12/2006 18:42

This reply has been deleted

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