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stainless steel kettle going blotchy...

5 replies

bubblepop · 08/12/2006 14:02

how can i keep it gleaming? yes sad i know...

OP posts:
frenziednester · 08/12/2006 14:04

clean it, then wipe over with a little baby oil and then buff to a shine

JessaJingleBells · 08/12/2006 14:09

Clean it with microfibre cloth

satinshoes · 08/12/2006 17:20


MissMistletoe · 08/12/2006 17:44

I bought some stainless steel cleaner gel. I think it's made by CIF. Very effective.

PeckaRolloverAgain · 08/12/2006 17:45

e cloth

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