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New wood floor - what can I use to seal it?

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cupcakes · 06/12/2006 10:32

It's oak. Dh and fil laid half of it last weekend and will hopefully do rest next weekend.
I don't want to varnish it really as I don't want it too shiny (or slippy) and I want to change the colour as little as possible.
Is there a good sealant or do I need something like clear yacht varnish?
What about a household wax (like those Town Talk ones you can get at John Lewis) - apparently the lavender one is good for wooden floors but is that really just a maintenance wax and would I need something tougher initially?

OP posts:
Kittypickle · 06/12/2006 13:50

I think that if you have a look in a DIY section there is a wax that you can get especially for sealing it. Could be wrong though.

KTreePee · 07/12/2006 07:18

When we had ours done we got it varnished with a very matt clear varnish - doesn't look shiny at all and is very durable. Think it was called Traffic or something - if you are interested I can try to find out more.

Bienchen · 07/12/2006 07:40

Hi cupcakes. We laid new oak flooring about 18 months ago and sealed it with hardwax oil in clear from Floorco. We also used a special applicator brush. We applied three thin coats in total and after about 6 months I did another thin coat. I also bought some special additive to put in water for cleaning the floor although we don't wash the floor very often.

The finish is lovely after all this time and before we applied we tested a vartiety of stuff (tea/coffee/ketchup, brown sauce, red wine, etc) it all comes off beautifully! The finish is matt with a slight sheen. Don't wax afterwards just wash occasionally with the Osmocote floorcare stuff, it's fab

Good luck

cupcakes · 07/12/2006 11:39

thank you - will look out for those.

OP posts:
DingDongDraculaOnHigh · 07/12/2006 11:51

second hardwax oil

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