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****Wednesday FLY. Clear out the fridge.****

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CranberryJelley · 06/12/2006 09:33


OP posts:
CranberryJelley · 06/12/2006 09:36

Where is everyone this morning?

I'm busy sorting out bedrooms today, and hopefully wrapping some presents too. My dd can't be relied on not to come down unexpectedly now, as well.

OP posts:
satinshoes · 06/12/2006 09:37

Morning all.

I'm still here. Feeling quite well rested. Still a bit of a cough/cold but DH has taken DH out for me and has the day off so i get lots more rest. I'm starting to feel more human and am thinking my body will wait until its a bit healthier before the baby comes

Easy mission for me as I did it the other day. On a particularly boring note I've started writing the date i open jars of sauces etc on the label so when i go to use it out of the fridge i know how long agao it was opened

Have a good day all.

CranberryJelley · 06/12/2006 09:40

You aren't supposed to be here s shoes! I agree that your body will wait til you've fought the cold before labour. You need all your energy.

My fridge is quite emptyso won't take long I just look and smell open jars and use if I think they are ok. I haven't poisoned any one yet!

OP posts:
BudaBauble · 06/12/2006 09:52

Hi all

satinshoes - hope your cold does go and baby comes. Have been away a bit - whe are you due?

I did most of what I needed to do yesterday - did 3 loads of washing - 3 more to do now though! Unpacked.

Tidied dining table a bit - it's just as much a mess now though!

Fridge is not too bad but today I am tidying living area in preparation for putting up Xmas tree this afternoon after school. Ds (5) has his Xmas play at 2.30 and DH has afternoon off for it so we will put tree up! I need to get rid of some clutter to make way for Xmas bits and pieces.

Also want to make a big pot of veggie soup as have lots of veg to use up.


Tidying/putting away clutter

Cleaner is here today so at least everywhere will be clean! And she tidies as best she can with all the junk lying around.

ludaloo · 06/12/2006 09:54

Hi jelley, good luck with your wrapping

Satin...glad you are feeling better, have a good day and enjoy the peace is a local garage, dh had his car MOT'd there and he was pleased with the price and the service, so we went there again. Dh stopped off on his way home to get it all sorted out. They are not going to charge us for the misdiagnoses thankfully (phew)Still can't say when it will be ready though
I really should of just taken it to the Renault garage at the top of the hill by Morrisons, as I think it needs proper Renault mechanics who are familiar with such electrical problems.
(I'll know next time)

Mission is an easy one as I did this about a week ago. It just could do with a wipe around.
Apart from that I just need to do a general tidy.

Hope you all have a good day

ludaloo · 06/12/2006 09:59

Buda....hope your ds play goes well, dd1 has hers on Friday (at 6.30 pm!!) its her dress rehursal today and she is super excited!!!

Does anyone know how long Mayonnaise should be kept?? (I have one opened in the fridge....its been there about 3 weeks!???)

shouldbedeckingthehalls · 06/12/2006 10:07

Hello everyone.

Satinshoes- hope you're soon feeling fit enough for baby to arrive, it sounds as though you have a great dh there so make the most of him.

Jelly, I haven't wrapped kids presents yet but have just carried them to our neighbour's house so they'll be well away from prying eyes- thankfully neighbour lives alone in 3 bed house so doesn't mind at all.

I have ds following me round today so don't expect to get a great deal done. we'll probably head out to a toddler group in a few mins so that'll take up the morning.

Fridge is full after a big shop on Monday and I gave it a quick clean before filling it up then so will probably just give the outside a wipe.
Wm is on and the whole house could do with a vacumn so I hope to make a start on that if I get the chance after lunch.

See you later x

shouldbedeckingthehalls · 06/12/2006 10:10

I can't wait for school play- my dd is v excited! Hers is on Monday- also at 6.30 and we're not able to take younger siblings Ds will be sad to miss out. I know I'll cry watching it cos I'm hopeless at events like that....

I keep mayo for longer than 3 weeks Ludaloo and haven't been ill yet...have no idea how long it's supposed to be before left open for though....

BudaBauble · 06/12/2006 10:11

Hi Luda!

Mayonnaise is OK for ages I think - check sell by date on jar.

Looking forward to play - will blub no doubt!

Also Miklaus day today in Hungary - Santa is known as Miklaus and he leaves chocolate in their shoes if they have been good and and a twig if not (to beat them with!!). So we did the choc thing and cleaner arrived with HUGE bag of choc for DS as well including another advent calendar!

And Miklaus comes to school too today so great excitement!

Right am def off to get something - anything - done!!!

See you later!

satinshoes · 06/12/2006 10:12

i will tell dh you all think he's great

luda - i keep mayo for about 12 weeks and i'm ok

school nativities - i havent got those yet but i imagine they are great fun. hope it goes well.

CranberryJelley · 06/12/2006 10:46

Sorry about caps.

I've seen the same nativity four times (not including when I'm there whilr they practice ) over the years.2 more to go.... the junior school does plays but evening performances (you have to buy tickets!)

OP posts:
ludaloo · 06/12/2006 10:52

ok...Mayonnaise can stay there then (I'm the only one that eats it anyway)
Right off to get ds from nursery and then off to a friends for lunch...and have a look at her new kitchen

BudaBauble · 06/12/2006 11:57

Right - washing - check
Soup - check
Spent half an hour trying to help cleaner sort out vacumn cleaner after she vacumed up one of DS's socks - check. Cue her talking away in Hungarian and me talking back in English!
Yesterdays washing sorted and put away - check.

Off to have some soup!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus · 06/12/2006 14:50

Glad you are doing ok satin.
Been to mothers and toddlers then town. Finally ate something! Still worrying about sickness though but i was feeling rough from lack of food!
DS2 was awake with ear ache in the night.DS1 slept fine all night.
I better do some tidying! Did a bit this morning.

MulledRubyRiojaWine · 06/12/2006 17:36

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ludaloo · 06/12/2006 17:40

Hi Ruby....glad your fair went well

I have been busy too...went to a friends house for lunch, did washing, made biscuits, wrote xmas cards, and had a nightmare in the paper shop...
dd2 swung round my legs and pulled my trousers down !

Kids all eating tea and munching on biccies!!

Going for a nice hot bath, and get kids in their pyjamas xx

shouldbedeckingthehalls · 06/12/2006 17:57

Hi everyone,

Sounds as though we've all had a good day. Luda- how for you in newsagents! Glad the school fair went well Ruby, we have ours on Friday but I'm free from helping (other than making some cakes) as I'm saving my energy for the pre-sch xmas fair and party next week

My kids are amazingly already tucked up in bed! They were both really tired so we had an early supper and a long story-time and now they're in bed sound asleep!

Trouble with early supper (I ate with kids- dh is out tonight) is that I know I'll be hungry later and end up snacking- not good!

Managed to keep house fairly tidy and did a v quick run round with the hoover so at least the floors are clear(ish). Hope to get some ironing done this evening in front of the telly.

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus · 06/12/2006 18:01

Ive done about 3 loads of washing today.Its been building up and not getting done! I'm glad i have made a good start on it today.
Not done much else though!

Glad fair went well. My DS's xmas fair is friday. Sounds like they have loads going on and father christmas is arriving by helicopter!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus · 06/12/2006 20:53

Where is everyone today?
HN hope you are ok. Not like you to not be around!

IvortheEngine · 06/12/2006 20:54

Hello to all.

I hope you get your car back soon luda. I've just read the bit about the newsagents! Whoops!

I need a bit of a rant. I was about to leave work and got given a piece of work to do. I'd just said to my boss that I was leaving in 5 mins before he gave it to me. He'd had it all day so I could have been given it at any time in the day; our morning meeting we'd had would have been good! This work was a letter to a member of the public and I can't just rush it off. For a start they'd signed it with a name which wasn't male or female necessarily, more a made up name that sounded more female than male, so I went with Dear Ms Jones and hoped to God I was right in my (and my colleague's) assumption. The other choice was to ring this person on the number given and find out their gender that way. I would have preferred to have done that (tactfully) but I didn't have time. Then I had to find the template letter and word it, then print it out on a colour copier that does a half decent copy (several flights of stairs away), then address the envelope, put it in the post tray and dash out of the office; 10 mins after I should have been at the school to pick up dd and her friend. I had rung and left a message on dd's mobile's answerphone but I wasn't happy. When will people realise that part time workers can't have stuff thrust at them at the very end of the day? We have responsibilities and can't do things properly if others leave things to the last minute. If I'd had the letter earlier that day, I could have responded and made enquiries in order to answer it properly. Now I can't do anything as I don't work again til Monday. I did put in the letter that I was next in the office on Mon, to be fair. I hate to do things by halves, I really do. I'll probably dream about that letter! Rant over!

satin Will catch up with you tomorrow. I hope you're taking advantage of the opportunities to rest now.

So...tomorrow is going to be a FLYing day, in my own way. I need to get cracking on my Christmas cards. I had one today from America. I guess I ought to get my overseas ones done first, though they'd probably have a shock to have cards from me in time instead of in Jan when doubtless they usually arrive.

We may be able to go somewhere half decent to shop on Saturday! We're off to a family do and can leave early if we wish and go via a major shopping town. Well, major in the Welsh sense, anyway!

ISawTortoiseKissingSantaClaus · 06/12/2006 20:59

Well you boss sounds nice! What a nightmare being given it to do last minute.
I'd be fuming too.
I need to write xmas cards too.

satinshoes · 06/12/2006 21:07

Hi everyone,

I'm still around.

I've written all of my Christmas cards (except the neighbours which I'll do a few days before), wrapped all of DDs Christmas presents (from Santa + Mummy & Daddy), and all friends & relatives Christmas presents too

Not much FLYing although i did the mission the other day.

Hope you're all ok.

ludaloo · 06/12/2006 21:13

Thanks Ivor....
I can't believe your boss! Poor you! Obviously your good nature and commitment to your job was being taken advantage of!!!!!! for you!

I've done the majority of my christmas cards now...haven't posted them yet though.

IvortheEngine · 06/12/2006 21:46

Thanks luda and tortoise. It's not uncommon. Some people have only ever worked full time and have no idea of the endless juggling that part timers' do. I'm going into work twice before Christmas for Christmas work lunches which are on my days off. It'll be my own time and everything which isn't so bad for me as my children will be in school but it would be a heck of a bind if I had to pay a childminder in order to go out to an expensive lunch that I would rather not go to. I've got to go to be seen as being a team player. I won't drink, though as I'll drive. No one likes having sober people around the table though - we remember too much!

satinshoes You're putting me to shame! I've even remembered that last year I didn't get around to putting a note through neigbours' doors saying "Ivor, Mr Ivor, ds and dd wish you a Happy Christmas. We have given a donation of 50 trees to Africa in lieu of Christmas cards. Please accept our Season's Greetings." or something like that. I must do it this year, or they'll think we're cheapskates!

ludaloo · 06/12/2006 21:56

Ivor, I struggle to juggle my life as it is!! Well done can rest easy knowing you do the best you can
I rather like being the only sober can be sure you won't do anything majorly embarressing!

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