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fresh orange juice stains

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StKnickerless · 04/12/2006 22:15

Has anyone any ideas how to get rid of these.

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corrina28 · 05/12/2006 11:10

dunno, maybe u should use a straw next time.

StKnickerless · 05/12/2006 12:30


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corrina28 · 05/12/2006 12:37

sorry i couldnt resist.

ProfYaffle · 05/12/2006 13:01

lemon juice works on blackberry stains, might work for orange too? Put it on fresh (once the clothes have been washed it's usualy 'set' and nothing will shift it) leave for 10 mins or so and wash as normal.

StKnickerless · 05/12/2006 13:59

thanks PF

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