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How do I wash a sheepskin rug?

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LadyOfThePoinsettias · 29/11/2006 12:38

i paid an arm and a leg for a sheepskin for ds1 to loe on when he was newborn- good for development or something, he didn't like it so it was packed away. Now hw is a toddler he loves it, hence it is now quite grubby.
Biscuit, milk, juice maybe a little wee...?
How do i clean it without ruining it or taking it to the drycleaners as i cant afford to. i have various dog shampoos....
im thinking if a sheep got wet it would just dry out? can i shampoo the thing, rinse it really well then puit it out to dry?

OP posts:
omgtherestwo · 29/11/2006 12:41

Dont think you can tbh cos the skin contracts if you wet it...
what about spray dry cleaning stuff? and then a good hanging outside to get rid of chemical fumes?think there is also a tumble dryer version..

Dophus · 29/11/2006 12:43

I put my mine in the machine - it goes a bit funny though!

LadyOfThePoinsettias · 29/11/2006 12:46

does the dry spray stuff get marks/stains off it?
and how funny is funny dolphus?! lol

OP posts:
geekgrrl · 29/11/2006 12:46

I just chuck ours in the washing machine on a wool cycle, with woolite or similar (you can buy special sheepskin detergent but I've not found it any different). Takes a while to dry but comes up well.

LadyOfThePoinsettias · 29/11/2006 12:48

gg- does it shrink? does it still lie flat?

OP posts:
brimfull · 29/11/2006 12:51

well well,never knew you could chuck it in the machine.Must dig mine out and wash it.

Dophus · 29/11/2006 12:53

If you dry it flat it stays flat. The leather side goes a bit hard (but does soften) and the wool has become a bit matted (but it gets washed loads as it on DS changing mat).

I also put it on a wool cycle - I figured there was something in the name

snowleopard · 29/11/2006 13:03

Yes, you can definitely machine-wash them - wool cycle with gentle non-bio detergent, dry flat and when it's dry, kind of roll and rub it to soften the back, and run your fingers through the fleece side and it will be good as new. Have washed ours several times.

geekgrrl · 29/11/2006 13:43

no, no shrinking, and it does stay flat. Knead the skin a bit and it becomes all soft again.

IvortheEngine · 08/12/2006 08:29

I've just spotted this thread. I've used Winganna Natural Products for years on my sheepskins. The label says "Sally Terry Associates." Am I allowed to put the contact details on here? Part of the address is Spalding, Lincolnshire. I think my stockist is in Pembrokeshire. The label also says "Protects your lambskin. Hand wash: 1/2 full cap. Machine wash: 1 full cap. Maximum Machine wash and drying heat: 40 degrees. Do NOT use conditioner" Hth.

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