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House a tip and headteacher coming round - help!!

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Scootergirl · 26/11/2006 18:49

We've had the typical weekend of messing up the entire house and my daughter's headteacher-t-be is coming for a home visit tomorrow. Quick and easy tips for transforming my house from pigsty to palace please! And yes I know that actually going and tidying up instead of being on here would be a start...

OP posts:
Roskva · 26/11/2006 19:01

Concentrate on the parts of the house your visitor will see, start a game to involve the kids in putting things away with a bribe, oops I mean reward, for the most co-operation, and remember to shut the doors on the rest of the house tomorrow! Oh, and reward yourself with a glass of your favourite poison when you've done it.

MerryChipmonkAndAHappyNewey · 26/11/2006 19:26

Go to and check out Crisis Cleaning!

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