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blueamema · 22/11/2006 21:27

Am not one myself, have tried but it just wasn't for me!

ANYWAY... i do have a knitting pattern for the ITV digital monkey if anyone is interested (for free) as a pdf file that I can email out.

Don't ask why!!! as I can't knit!!

Not sure if he/she (the monkey) is popular/was ever popular!?? OR If anyone would be interested??
...just thought as I have it I may as well see if any other MNetters would like a freebie... being xmas and all!

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NotQuiteCockney · 22/11/2006 21:29

You want to post this sort of thing on Arts and Crafts. Knitters have better things to do than housekeeping!

blueamema · 22/11/2006 22:00

Thanks... did look for a crafts section but couldn't find one before!!

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