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sorting out my junk cupboard today.

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misdee · 19/11/2006 09:51

[groans] its full of stuff which i havent used in over a year, so most will be going.

OP posts:
moondog · 19/11/2006 09:52

Flog it.
Make some cash.
The world is full of crap that just changes hands.

misdee · 19/11/2006 09:53

some of it will be used for the xmas pressie thing, i have already found some brand new rattles and toys which were meant to be for xmas last year, but not suitable for this year.

OP posts:
pipo · 19/11/2006 09:55

Aren't you the lucky one!!!!... I've got a junk house to sort out.What am I doing on here?
How are you disposing of your junk? Trip to the charity shop?

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