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How Much Do You Spend On Weekly Shop?

4 replies

squatchette · 09/11/2006 09:10

Just interested to know where people shop and how much it costs.There are 4 of us ,I usualy go to Sainsburys and it costs anything from £70-£100 a week.This does include non food items though e.g cleaning stuff, toiletries ..and alcohol usualy .

OP posts:
PickleAndPudding · 09/11/2006 09:22

Same here - £70 to £100. Now at Tescos, but used to spend same at Sainsbury's. Moved house, and Tescos is much closer. Weirdly, it seems to be more like £100 rather than £70 since DS was born. Don't know why cos he's cloth-bottomed and breast-fed Must be all the extra biscuits I'm scoffing... fnarr.

Jelley · 09/11/2006 09:31

have a look here!

squatchette · 09/11/2006 20:04

Thanks Jelley hadn't seen that

OP posts:
mumo4 · 16/11/2006 10:24

I've got four kids and hungry husband,though we also spend £70-£90 ( no alcohol mind, we're too boring), sometimes pick up kid's clothes there too, usually Tescos. Funny how people seem to spend roughly the same amount regardless of family size.

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