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Last week my clothes smelled lovely after been washed in the machine but this week i cant smell the lovely smell on my newly washed clothes - eg 2nite...

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lipsbite · 28/10/2006 21:16

im using the same washing powder and liquid in the washing machine and they are both going down too...whats wrong??

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hunkermunker · 28/10/2006 21:17

Have you a cold?

wordgirl · 28/10/2006 21:18

I think your nose just gets used to a certain smell and after a while you don't smell it anymore. That's what happens with perfume so it's probably the same with washing powder. That's my theory anyway!

lipsbite · 28/10/2006 21:24

nope no cold and ive got a very strong sense of smell too

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