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what's your most loathed household task? And the one that gives you most 'job satisfaction?'

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babe1 · 26/10/2006 17:53

My most loathed household chore has to be cleaning the back of the toilet bowl (where the hinges are) where my two ds's insist on peeing up there It's gross. Even worse is when they miss the bowl completely and leave puddles on the floor. They're 7 and 6, surely their aim should be better by now?
Wonder how guilty my dh is in this department

I get most 'job satisfaction' out of cleaning the bathrooms. I love it when they're filthy, and I give them a good going over, and they're all shiny and sweet smelling again

What are other mumsnetters most loathed and least loathed household chores?

OP posts:
tortUREoisechamber · 26/10/2006 17:56

Easy one to do but i hate putting the washing away and end up with my bedroom full of piles of clean washing!
I like ironing though! Big pile of scrunched up clothes turned into a flat neat pile!
(but then it needs putting away!)

FioFio · 26/10/2006 17:57

This reply has been deleted

Message withdrawn

Pruni · 26/10/2006 17:58

Message withdrawn

southeastastra · 26/10/2006 17:58

i have just done my most loathed defrosting the freezer. i have cut myself about six times and am soaking wet

quite like light dusting

Posey · 26/10/2006 17:59

Most loathed - dusting. Picking up all the stuff on surfaces and removing dust only for it to ave reappeared the next day.
Most satisfying - vacuuming. Makes a huge difference to how neat the house looks.

ludaloo · 26/10/2006 18:00

I'm with you there tort...
I hate putting washing away..hate it hate it
Hate cleaning the hamster out too

I love nice clean bed linen on everyones bed
Like a nice clutter free kitchen (and my latest discovery...a sparkling sink!!!)

lucykate · 26/10/2006 18:00

most loathed - dusting, ironing

like - hoovering, mopping

HRHQueenOfQuotes · 26/10/2006 18:01

My loathed job is washing my kitchen and bathroom floors (they're right next to each other - downstairs bathroom - so get done at the same time). I have two joint 'good satisfaction' ones - the floors, and turning my huge pile of crumpled clean clothes into nothign - by putting them away (after DH has ironed them)

trice · 26/10/2006 18:01

Most satisfying: vacuuming
Most hated: cleaning under the high chair 3 times a day

Piffle · 26/10/2006 18:09

oven cleaning.
Mopping as it holdds no reward, looks exactly the same - flithy after half an hour of alloweing people back in.
I detest our shower in en suite for same reason. HATE glass shower screens
Hate ironing too.

squatchette · 26/10/2006 19:53

Like hoovering cleaning kitchen as it's new and making bathroom sparkle.
Hate ironing ,putting clothes away, and most of all tidying the playroom a never ending and thankless task -also quite dangerous (see toy injuries thread)!

Snowstorm · 26/10/2006 19:57

Joint most loathed: cleaning the oven and defrosting the fridge freezer

Most satisfactory: cleaning out the kitchen cupboards (although I don't do it as often as I should/could)

Steppy1 · 26/10/2006 20:00

HATE the oven and ironing

LOVE Hoovering and moving the lawn (same thing really !!)

slaughterfalls · 26/10/2006 20:03

LOATHE - cleaning the oven, grill etc, I often throw away the roasting tin becayse I cant be asred to clean it

MOST SATISFACTORY - having all the washing done and put away.

Sheraz · 26/10/2006 20:56

Hate pretty much all of it that's why they call it a chore.
Do like the smell of clean wahing off the line on a nice sunny day, but cannot get really excited about it...would rather have a cleaner.

cece · 26/10/2006 21:00

Loath - most of it, especially dusting, so let it build up for few weeks so I can really see the difference

Love love love - doing the laundry. love the sorting, the washing, especailly the hanging out and folding (involves more sorting) and putting away. Please note I don't do ironing, great believer in good folding!

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