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Cleaning your shower curtain...

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NYceMummy · 18/10/2006 21:49 often and what with?

OP posts:
slaughterfalls · 18/10/2006 21:51

Depends what the material is, if it PVC, then clean with soapy water, anything else, bung in the washing machine.

Sophiev73 · 18/10/2006 21:53

I got mine so cheap from Asda I just bunged it in the bin, covered in mildew, and bought another one... Environmental disaster I know...

Blondilocks · 18/10/2006 21:59

ours goes in the washing machine.

otherwise i guess u could just chuck it in the bath & wash it by hand in there.

JackieNoHeadJustABloodyStump · 18/10/2006 22:02

If you're putting it in the washing machine, bung in a couple of old towels, as they help 'scrub' it clean.

Surfermummystomb · 18/10/2006 22:03

I put mine in the washing machine with the bath mat today.

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