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Washing machine ate the underwire of my bikini....where did it go?

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caffeinequeen · 10/10/2006 14:55

Help! just hung up washing and realised that one of the wires has gone from my bikini
I've felt all around the drum. But it's NOT there.
Worried that it will break machine for next load - where could it be????
Help please

OP posts:
beckybraAAARGHstraps · 10/10/2006 14:56

It could well have gone out through one of the little holes in the drum. I speak from experience. Dh found it and removed it. He had to do the same with the arm of his glasses when I washed them

PrettyCandles · 10/10/2006 14:58

It's probably outside the drum but inside the machine. No idea what to do next, but I would check the sump drain every so often to see if it comes through there.

And wash underwired garments in a net bag in future.

lorina · 10/10/2006 15:02

Its probabaly in the outer drum or in the pump. If its in the pump then over time other bits and bobs might get caught round it and cause a blockage. It will probably be fine for ages though.

Last time my washing machine conked out Dh found TEN hairbands and several 5p's and 20p's, and a few cutain hooks stuck in the pump ,all coated with a slimy layer of tissues. Nice!
He pulled it all out and it was fine

caffeinequeen · 10/10/2006 15:03

becky! Is that why you're called braaaaagh straps?!

Pretty, you're right about net bag. TBH I didn't mean to wash it in the machine, it snuck out of my evergrowing handwashing pile when i wasn't looking - double aargh.

WTF is the sump drain?! I live in a 3 floor flat and the waste from the washing machine goes out of the flat behind my kitchen units so I probably wouldn't be able to access it anyway.

Worried now

OP posts:
PrettyCandles · 10/10/2006 15:09

Shhhh, panic ye not.

Look at the bottom left corner of your machine - do you see a little hatch? That is the sump drain, also called the pump. Open it, put a large tupperware underneath and loosen the screwtop lid you'll find inside (BTW, don't do this while the machine is running!). Let the water drain into the tupperware, and when no more comes out twist the lid off completely. In the space behind you will find lost treasure: buttons, coins, safetypins, etc. There may be another part of the machine to remove, or a tube leading in from the side that you can clean out with you finger. When you're done with it (and it's a good idea to wipe it out from time to time, especially if you use fabric conditioner), put it all back together and the machine has had its colonic.

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