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Flies, to kill or not to kill?

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MrsSpoon · 10/10/2006 13:16

I had a friend in for coffee yesterday and there was a big horrible fly in my livingroom, grrrrr! We had a discussion about flies (nice) and I mentioned I had killed two already in the morning. My friend told me that she doesn't bother killing them and just leaves them 'till they die themselves? I thought they laid millions of eggs if left to their own devices and were better to be killed?

What do you do with the blighters.

OP posts:
GhoulsToo · 10/10/2006 13:17

kill! kill! kill!

myermay · 10/10/2006 13:18

Message withdrawn

Furball · 10/10/2006 13:18

kill them

Yuck, they could be gobbing up on your kitchen surfaces and furniture bleughh!

themoon666 · 10/10/2006 14:12

Kill them!! Can't even begin to imagine how many eggs they would produce in their lifetime. Yeuk.

MrsSpoon · 11/10/2006 15:25

Ah good, all killers on MN too.

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